Spotlight on Zachary M. Bush, MD of Scottsville, VA – Discover Your Innate Health

This past Fall, Dr. Zachary Bush was the first among several other medical practitioners to voluntarily test the Polarized Water using a special camera that was recently introduced into this country. Their electrophotonic data show the Polarized Water to be consistently different from other structured waters. Different, in this case, is a good thing.

Although Dr. Bush is under no obligation, he recommends that his patients drink Watt-Ahh® as part of their personal health regime. Each of his patients, who have called to order and ship Watt-Ahh® to Virginia, consistently compliment Dr. Bush and his skills in guiding them toward healthier lives. 

Dr. Bush promotes a new health delivery model for collaborative healing. His vision is to continue to grow the size of his therapeutic team and train even more physicians on exceptional nutritional health and compatible healing arts that reduce their patients’ dependency on medication. As a respected endocrinologist and internist, Dr. Bush looks for the cellular source of systemic stress and hormonal chaos that underlie illness and disease. Read more about Dr. Bush by clicking here.

In January, Dr. Bush is our special guest speaker. He is traveling down from Virginia to Florida to talk about recent medical advances on redefining disease and discovering your innate health. If you plan to go, please book as soon as possible since available space is filling up fast. 

Mission of Dr. Bush’s Revolution Health Center: “Create a unique health center in which patients and staff are engaged as a collaborative team to achieve exceptional health outcomes for individuals and the community.”


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