WIT Technology: Zinc Ionophore Potential

Request for Proposals: We are seeking a scientifically reliable and replicable study on cellular transport of zinc comparing Watt-Ahh® bottled water with that of 1) regular filtered water and 2) hydroxychloroquine.

Background: Immunity is the Next Hot Trend

WIT Technology is well positioned for licensing more consumer products that support immunity. One of WIT Technology licensees, AquaNew, LLC of Sarasota, FL., manufacturers a 100% water product infused with DiTetra Gas®. The U.S. Trademark is Watt-Ahh® and it has been on the national and international markets for over twelve years.

We predict based on record-breaking sales of Watt-Ahh® bottled water during the worldwide pandemic (March and April 2020) that consumers are looking for therapeutic natural products that boost and sustain their immunity. During that COVID-19 time period, AquaNew had seven production runs (over eight 53’ truckloads) that kept the bottling crew working in Tampa, FL. during a tragic time of massive layoffs. Sales skyrocketed with a triple percentage increase compared with that of the same time period in the previous year (March and April of 2019).

AquaNew has a modest marketing budget. What happened to accelerate sales during this COVID-19 period? We speculate the buzz came from podcasts by health practitioners, a report on Watt-Ahh® by published authors on the topic of structured waters, and both videos and written testimonials of individuals who recovered from COVID-19 using the WIT Technology (DiTetra Gas®)1. These individuals avoided the fear of hospitalization during the pandemic and were able to stay at home in recovery with the care of their family members.

WIT Technology seems to have either none or minimal side effects and is more protective for those with underlying health issues. Many of these health issues are toxin driven. Drinking Watt-Ahh® will flush kidneys of both toxins and oxalates.

The most common worldwide genetic deficiency (G6PD) causes lower oxygen levels in the blood and the ventilation protocol during the COVID-19 crisis can be risky for those individuals. WIT Technology delivers oxygen to the blood platelets even under extreme elevational conditions (we call it “Hydration Respiration”2).

Our inventor, Rob Gourley, holds a utility patent on stabilizing peroxides using the DiTetra Gas® that we think could activate the super oxides (hydrogen peroxide) produced in the human body needed to support innate immunity defense against viruses.3

Finally, we also have at least one University study that shows a significant uptake in Vitamin C and iron using Watt-Ahh®.4 Our theory is that Watt-Ahh® could also be a zinc ionophore (transporting zinc across cellular membranes to destroy viruses). We seek scientific evidence that DiTetra Gas® -activated water with a zinc supplement could be a natural alternative with no side effects to that of prescription drugs using chlorine and quinine as a zinc ionophore.

What is DiTetra Gas®?

DiTetra Gas® (a.k.a., SG Gas) is the fifth state of water which is an active plasma-like gas. The stable molecular structure of 2 oxygen and 4 hydrogen with additional electrons is also the essential basics of mitochondrial energy. Cellular mitochondria require 2 oxygen, 4 hydrogen and two electrons in the final step of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production.5  ATP is the universal life force of energy. We like to say it takes energy to heal (and also support our intrinsic immune system).

The positive ORP (oxidation-reduction potential) of DiTetra Gas® when infused into pure water (we call “polarized water”) also has an affinity toward the negative charge of cellular mitochondria. The extra electrons on the outside ring of the four hydration provide an electrical differential for the water to pass through cellular membranes for more efficient hydration as well as faster and greater transport of vitamins and trace minerals when compared to that of regular filtered water. Nanodosing of these nutrients in the polarized water is also possible for those individuals with genetic weaknesses in bioassimulation of certain nutrients such as Vitamin C/ascorbic acid.

Our Research Request: Reliable and Replicable Evidence that Watt-Ahh® is a Zinc Ionophore

We are seeking a credible lab to perform a scientifically reliable and replicable study on cellular transport of zinc comparing Watt-Ahh® bottled water with that of 1) regular filtered water and 2) hydroxychloroquine (the latter can be a literature search of reliable data comparing the rate of zinc cellular transport using HCQ vs. Watt-Ahh®). The protocol on the transport of zinc by differentiated monolayers of human intestinal epithelial (Caco-2) cells should be either equivalent or better than that of the one previously used by University of Florida (UF) for the transport of Vitamin C and iron4 (please contact below to request a copy of the UF protocol)

Resources on Watt-Ahh® 

Video on how WIT Technology is a safer protocol with those having G6PD deficiency (between minute 34 and 50) : “My Black Health … Moving Mountains: The Saving Ourselves” with co-hosts Sheila Lewis Ealey and Sumayyah Simone interview Genetic Researcher Sterling Hill, dated April 20, 2020; Audio entitled “Discover Your Genetic Weaknesses to COVID 19 with Sterling Hill”, Host Wendy Myers of Myers Detox, dated April 29, 2020 (between minute 10:30 and 11:30, around minute 22, and between minutes 38 and 42); Article entitled Watt-Ahh: In a Glass of its Own, authors MJ Pangman and Melanie Evans, dated March 17, 202, and a Case Study on recovery from possible COVID-19 exposure involving symptoms of pulmonary inflammation, dry cough and fatigue (medical practitioners and researchers may request a copy of this case study and video by contacting us below).

2 Article entitled “Hydration Respiration — Surviving COVID-19 Can be Similar to Surviving Extreme Altitude Conditions“, dated April 16, 2020

3  United States Patent entitled “Method of Stabilizing Compounds in Water, Water Compositions Thereby, and Articles Containing Said Water Compositions“, Inventor Robinson B. Gourley, Sarasota, FL., Patent No. 10,259,712 B2, April 16, 2019

4  Report entitled “Exploration of the Effects of Watt-Ahh® Water and the SG Gas Infusion Process on the Transport of Vitamin C and Iron by Differentiated Monolayers of Human Intestinal Epithelial (Caco-2) Cells“, Sukru Gulex and James Collins, University of Florida, Department of Food Science & Human Nutrition, dated May 3, 2011

5  Article entitled “The Mighty Mitochondria — Importance of Cellular Hydration for Health and Longevity“, dated May 22, 2018

Contact for More Information (also for forwarding protocol proposals)

Rob Gourley, CEO of WIT International and AquaNew, Corporate Office: 6233 Old Ranch Road, Sarasota, FL. 34241, phone: 941-923-8972 ET, email: dana@aquanew.com. Visit: www.aquanew.com and www.wateriontechnologies.com