Working Moms – Doing it All & Needing Help!

When people talk about the most difficult jobs on the planet, images of Alaskan King Crabbing boats likely come to mind, or perhaps one of the “Dirty Jobs” highlighted on the Discovery Channel.  Alas, it appears that the job of Working Mom has been pushed into the background, yet again.

   For those of you who don’t know, a Working Mom is someone who starts work the moment she wakes up, and thereafter, she isn’t officially “off duty” until the professional work day is done, her family is fed, homework is complete, children are clean and in bed, and she has managed to oversee the needs of everyone under her roof!  Impossible?  No.  Easy?  Absolutely not.  These Moms need help in the form of tools which will make their days/lives easier.

   After reviewing various blogs and articles on Working Moms, I have a renewed respect for these battle-weary soldiers, who multi-task with vigor, in order to attempt the impossible every day.  In fact, I’m unclear as to exactly how they maintain sanity with such challenging routines.  The list of duties assigned to Working Moms is exhaustive, and mental clarity appears to be paramount in tackling the daily “to do” list!  These Working Mom-Warriors need to learn more about Watt-Ahh®!

   According to Science Daily (Feb. 17, 2011), a study done at North Carolina State University finds that the “children of working moms are in a higher percentile for health problems,” including asthma and accidents, which is contrary to previous studies which reported that children, on average, have better health conditions with working mothers, and attributed this to increased income and availability of health insurance.

   I invite ALL Working Moms to review’s Testimonials (*found under Studies-Testimonials @, in order to acquaint themselves to the expansive benefits that others have reported, when including Watt-Ahh® as part of their daily routine.   These stated benefits include improved mental clarity, more energy, less fatigue, and overall improved health for their families.

   Sometimes the tools Working Moms need, are as close a bottle of Watt-Ahh®!