Basic Foods – Helping Hurricane Flood Survivors in Beaumont, Texas

by AquaNew on September 6, 2017

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Patty H., one of the buyers for Basic Foods took time to write us on September 2, 2017:

“We opened a few hours yesterday and 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. today, first time since last Saturday evening. Yesterday wasn’t planned; those who could, drove to the store just to get a paycheck. And, all of a sudden people were asking to come in. So, with a limited staff, we kept someone at the door and let small groups in at a time.

“They loaded up … probably the highest sales per hour in our history. The bottled water went quickly, as well as milk, eggs, and meat. We didn’t have running water, so we stayed a short time. Today, we brought in a porta-potty to have out back. We couldn’t open the deli or meat market. What little tap water trickling in would have to be sterilized. Some millionaire donated three pumps for the city. Beaumont’s were damaged and under water. Today, they are working on getting the problem fixed. Part of the town was under water as well as neighboring cities. One of our employees’ house was submerged, and she made it out to Dallas. One of the managers had water in part of her house.

“When we let customers in, I stayed next to the Watt-ahh, and put signs saying ‘therapeutic’ because I knew that new customers that didn’t usually shop at the health food store would automatically assume ‘price gauging’… which they did. But I was there to explain that it wasn’t regular water and educate those that wanted an explanation. I did sell some of it, but I planted a seed in many minds that there was something they may be back for in the future. Most people, of course, are in to get emergency food and water supplies, and all the other waters sold out. We have a huge truck coming tomorrow.

“Beautiful estates and homes are ruined. Colin, and my old house (that has seen its days from the previous two hurricanes) managed to stay dry and with power. It was awful, though, when we no longer had running water. All the neighbors used up the ditch water to keep toilets flushing after the city’s pumps failed. There was no prewarning, and no one had the opportunity to gather water buckets or fill their tubs. My neighborhood street was flooded on and off with one car stalling out in front of our house due to high water. No mail for a week … and delivery trucks coming via Houston were blocked.

“Time will tell how this all plays out. I’m glad we didn’t have to evacuate. I thought about ordering more Watt-ahh but wasn’t sure if you could even get through. Then again, so many have to replace so much that it was too much a luxury for the majority coming in. Yesterday, I think we had about 24 cases left. We have had “non- health-food” shoppers coming in for emergency needs, so the type of purchases have been a little different.

“In Colin, and my household, Watt-ahh is the only water we have drank since this all began. Thank you!

“I will be in touch. I have a headache today, but we’re okay. Thanks for asking.”

~Patty H.

AquaNew decided to donate a full pallet of 16.9 oz. bottles of Watt-Ahh® (1,440 bottles) to Basic Foods, and we requested Patty to decide how to distribute to those who need it most. We found out that the Old Dominion Freight depot in Beaumont, Texas was non-operational due to flooding, so the shipment had to be delayed until last Thursday, September 15, 2017. In the interim, we had over five days of watching the modeling tracks of Hurricane Irma (that ultimately engulfed the entire State of Florida). We were glad to hear that the Old Dominion Freight depot in Sarasota/Bradenton was back online shortly after the major impact of Hurricane Irma, and we can get Watt-Ahh® on its way from Sarasota/Bradenton to Beaumont.

Growing up in Texas, I understand the strong devotion and pride of Texans and their willingness to help their neighbors. Rob and I send our love and prayers to Patty and her customers to get back to a sustainable and healthier life. ~Dana

Note: Patty sent the photo to the left, and let us know that her cats Yosey (l) and Moshe (r) are doing well during the Texas flood event. Moshe is also one of honored “Be the Ahh! Pets” with her own survival story.


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