Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist Practitioner (FDN-P) Wendy Myers, who is the founder of the Myers Detox Center and Supplement Store located in Los Angeles, CA., recently identified drinking Watt-Ahh as one of her top four tips for reversing EMF damage. Wendy has an impressive You Tube Channel with over 460 podcasts and more than 26,000 subscribers. She is passionate about helping her viewers by sharing a spectrum of health options that can fit anyone’s budget including free practical adjustments inside our own homes.

Her most recent podcast on 5G and EMF can be found at this link (catch between 32 and 35 minutes when Wendy talks about Watt-Ahh). Complementary to the podcast, Wendy also posted this article, entitled “Top 5 Ways to Protect Against and Reverse 5G and EMF Damage” that is packed with clinical information on EMF-induced symptoms and ways to protect against the exposure to 5G. Wendy gives some practical solutions that we should all consider such as installing routers away from bedrooms, eliminating smart home devices that answer doorbells, using routers specifically designed to reduce EMF when devices are tuned off inside the home, and her top recommendation is wearing a Pure Harmony pendant.*

Reversal of EMF Damage

Some researchers have the opinion that EMF-related damage may be permanent with possible calcium build up in cells that impact fertility, metabolism and neurological function (e.g., memory loss). Wendy, however, is more optimistic, and she provides recommendations on how to reverse EMF damage that involve:

  • Repolarize
  • Remagnetize
  • Restore your cell’s voltage up to the proper level
  • Reestablish energetic cell-to-cell communication

Drinking Watt-Ahh is one of Wendy’s top recommendations. We would add to Wendy’s fine list above, removal of calcium accumulation (or calcium oxalate crystals) that we addressed in a recent blog.

Flood Your Body with Electrons

No surprisingly, we think this is the best part of Wendy’s recent podcast is when she recommends drinking Watt-Ahh. She cleverly says on her podcast, that Watt-Ahh will “flood your body with electrons” to offset the positive charges generated from 5G and EMF devices.

Wendy states … “Watt-ahh by AquaNew is water that has the 5th phase of water (gaseous) injected into regular purified water. This is a revolutionary method of feeding the body electrons. Electrons are depleted by EMF. This drastically reduces the body’s function and vitality.”

She continues … “The crystalline-like structure of Watt-Ahh contains a reservoir of electrons to defend against oxidative stress, premature aging and inflammation caused by EMF. AquaNew has discovered a new water purification process which allows our bodies to more readily absorb water into cells, resulting in complete hydration, detoxification, cellular communication, and support of the mitochondria (which maintain our own healing and immune systems) …I drink a half liter per day of Watt-ahh and I love it! IT’s a perfect way to ground your body and reverse the effects of EMF.”

Thank you, Wendy, for you enthusiasm for Watt-Ahh but even more, we appreciate your drive to help both your clients and followers with practical concepts and products that will trigger intrinsic healing and make all of us feel better each day.

* BTW: We recently queried our wifi provider that relies on the homeowner to install their own router. This is a departure from major service providers that install their own powerful 5G+ routers to cover apartments, shopping centers, and office complexes. For our rural situation, the service provider does not use any wireless frequencies. The company delivers both the internet and phone service via a fiber optic cable and then it transitions to a copper cable. The individual customer decides how they want to distribute the internet within their home. According to our server company, approximately 99% of their customers use a wireless router at 2.4ghz and sometimes between 5.2ghz and 5.8ghz.


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