Let’s Talk Coffee

by Dana Gourley on July 20, 2018

in Beverage Industry, Health/Nutrition

After talking about tea several weeks ago, I did not want to ignore the coffee drinkers. Coffee is also going through a beverage evolution with more choices on the market including cold brewed and ready-to-drink coffee and espresso. Rob and I have a special coffee we enjoy most mornings and it has become easier to order since it is available on Amazon. Also, consumers may not be aware of a recent merger between a major beverage company and a coffee-maker company.


Our favorite is BioCoffee, a mild tasting coffee that has wheatgrass powder and slightly sweetened with simple sugars (oligosaccharides) found in certain vegetables. Rob is not a fan of coffee but he finds the smooth taste of BioCoffee very appealing.

A friend, who is a professional colonic specialist, introduced us to BioCoffee years ago. We bring the Watt-Ahh to a light boil before pouring into our cups containing the powder coffee mixture … we want to protect the chlorophyll, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and enzymes of the wheatgrass. The manufacturer of BioCoffee asserts that each cup has the equivalent of 3 to 5 servings of vegetables … a good way to start each morning.

Beverage Shakeup

Leading beverage economists can not fully explain why the Dr. Pepper Snapple (DPS) Group agreed to merge with primarily a coffee-machine business (Keurig Green Mountain). The annual revenues of the new company (Keurig Dr. Pepper) are projected to be $11 billion and it becomes the seventh largest food and beverage company in the United States.

One of the downsides of this conglomerate merger is that DPS’s former “allied beverage brands” such as BodyArmor, may defect. Fiji water recently discontinued its distribution partnership near the time of the closing for the new Keurig Dr. Pepper closing. Instead, Fiji plans on “leveraging” a 300-member sales and merchandising team to improve customer relations and provide “concierge level” customer service. The VP of Fiji Water Marketing states … “Handling more of our own product delivery is an integral part of that strategy.” Hmmm, both a “concierge” customer service and private product distribution sound like good business concepts to us.


Ahh-Mazing “AHA!” Discovery for August 2018 — Morgan Wesson or More Horse Power

Morgan Wesson comes from equestrian royalty. His grandfather, Justin Morgan, bred the original Morgan Horses. It seems destiny that Rob Gourley first met his life-long friend at The Pony Club outside Honeoye Falls, N.Y. Rob recalls seeing Morgan for the first time in his dressage outfit, wearing a short-tailed jacket and a long-sleeved white shirt […]

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Ahh-Mazing “AHA!” Discovery for July 2018: Author Elizabeth Wild – Life Lessons in a Children’s Book

Elizabeth “Liz” Wild, one of Rob Gourley’s cousins, is part of his Inventified Family that we are highlighting during Rob’s 70th year. In 1988, she wrote a children’s book, entitled “Along Came a Black Bird”. She gave Rob a copy of the book and added to the title page inside a drawing of a crow […]

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Tennis Models

The eight members of Laurel Oak Tennis Club’s 3.5 Women’s Tennis Team in Sarasota, FL. are models. Certainly some fashion is involved. What is important here is they are inspiration models for both their families and friends. I am honored to play cardio tennis with these gals including in the summer, playing with their children […]

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WIT Machine Available Again in Southwest Florida – RB Institute of Ft. Myers, FL.

Robyn Berry, Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), CRR, CT, and CLDT, owns the RB Institute located in Ft. Myers, FL. It is an environment that performs multiple health care services including therapeutic massage, neuromuscular cranosacral, Asyra diagnostic biomeridian testing and aromatherapy. Robyn’s mission is to empower her patients with … “knowledge to create a healthier lifestyle […]

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IV Hydration Salons — OR Single-Cell Hydration is Safer for Your Body

IV hydration salons are becoming more common. They offer intravenous (iv) infusions that may or may include a cocktail of nutrients, sugars and salts added to the water. Their clients, including professional athletes, may enjoy a boost in energy but is it worth the risk of kidney injury? We recognize that an emergency IV infusion […]

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Naturally Looking Good – How to Wear a Little Black Dress in the Florida Summer

Wearing black can be both elegant and slimming. White salt rings that can form near the arm pits, however, is a glamour no-no. A very observant Florida customer with a high science knowledge, gave us the most recent “Naturally Looking Good” beauty tip to share with our other customers. He called Rob Gourley and they […]

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Let’s Talk Tea

I have a fascination with the varying shapes of tea pots, particularly the classic Japanese tea pots made from metal and ceramic. The photos show some of my collection displayed in the AquaNew office. I thought at one time, to make the perfect tea, the water had to reach a super hot boil before pouring […]

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Marketing “Bad-to-the-Bone” Beverages

Marketing campaigns for beverages can go to the extreme in competing for the customer’s (your) attention. Through the years, we have good-naturedly teased about some of the “super human/monster” beverage brand names. In 2016, we did a 180-degree turn when we blogged about 5-Hour Energy  such that our teasing became the inspiration for the slogan […]

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We Love the Offshore Racing Fans

Offshore racing in Sarasota is not the same. We try to keep articles light, entertaining, informative and always heartfelt. I realize this is somewhat of a departure since the latter (heartfelt) is mainly in play here. Our favorite memories in racing beyond going on stage to receive awards, was meeting the race fans at both […]

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