Rob Gourley’s paternal grandfather, Lyle Gourley, owned a lumber yard in Highland Park, Illinois, located north of Chicago and part of the North Shore Area of Lake Michigan. He was one of the leading business owners in Highland Park. One of Rob’s memories of his grandfather is during the Depression, he met payroll both for his employees working at the lumberyard and for the lumberjacks at a lumber camp located in Canada (the small settlement nearby was called “Gourleyville”). It was a rough-and-tumble time with one story of enterprising women who relocated to Gourleyville and another story of a dedicated employee who saved Lyle’s life.

Anyway, in light of the mid-term elections held this November, our story here focuses on Lyle’s own political career. In the middle of 1910’s, Lyle decided to run a campaign for one of the City Commission seats in Highland Park with the slogan: “Time for a Change”. That was his only campaign but he served at least three more terms. Lyle continued to serve as a Commissioner, and likely the Mayor, due to write-in votes for him. When it looked like the write-in vote will be successful for another term, his young daughter, Phydele or “Toni”, reminded him that he originally ran on the slogan, it is “Time for a Change”. Lyle who agreed with his daughter, placed ads in the local newspaper that said … “It is again Time for a Change and if elected, I will not serve”.

For more about Rob Gourley Jr.’s Inventified Family and Friends, please visit this link.

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