This is a summary of our 2019 monthly series on “Long-Jet”, short for Longevity … or secrets for a longer and healthier life.

One of our primary sources for this series is National Geographic’s “Blue Zones … The Science of Living Longer”, October/November of 2018 edition. For each “Blue Zone” we highlight this year, we will emphasize their sources of potable water … in our opinion, active electromagnetically-charged water such as clean rainwater, is one of the top secrets to good health.


  • January 2019: Blue Zone Okinawa, Japan and 500-year old native tea trees
  • February 2019: Blue Zone Sardinia, Italy and Cistus tea/Mediterranean rockrose

Photo credit of Cistus incanus is from searching Google photos.

Live Mitochondric!


How to Live a Longer and Healthier Life: Closeup on Blue Zone Island of Sardinia, Italy and Cistus Tea – AHA! Long-Jet Discovery for February of 2019

We continue our new monthly series on “Long-Jet”, short for Longevity. We provide a closeup on the next Blue Zone: the Island of Sardinia as well as a tea from the Mediterranean rockrose plant that grows on the island. One of our primary sources for this monthly series is National Geographic’s “Blue Zones … The […]

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Why We Use PET-1 Plastic Bottles

One of the most frequent of the FAQ’s that we receive is why use PET-1 (non-PBA plastic) for Watt-Ahh? The short answer is for safety, sanitation and product integrity. History of Bottled Water Several years ago, I was intrigued when someone asked me about the history of bottled water (pure, non-mineralized). My husband and I […]

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Childhelp – 60th Diamond Jubilee Gala

Since 2008, every Watt-Ahh bottle sold contributes two cents to non-profit organizations that help children. Our banner organization is Childhelp that gives both counsel and shelter to at-risk children . The total donation from our customers to specifically Childhelp is close to $15,000.00. Through the years, Childhelp Founders Sara O’Meara and Yvonne Federson have found […]

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How to Make The Original Water Elixir

Watt-Ahh is similar to the Original Water on Earth, billions of years ago. The rain water was pure and active from many lightning storms. The water electrically-transported micro nutrients in the soil to support growth of floating algal mats including single-celled Chlorella (green algae) and diatoms. Dinosaurs feasted on the algae and the bioavailability of […]

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Sky High with Watt-Ahh

Alberto S., who is a new customer, shared he is a skydiver and BASE jumper. We told him about friends who own a private jet. They fly at high elevations with Watt-Ahh and monitor their blood  oxygen saturation. Instead of turning on the supplemental oxygen in the cabin, they drink Watt-Ahh and watch their blood […]

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How to Live a Longer and Healthier Life: Closeup on Blue Zone Village of Motobu, Okinawa Japan and 500-Year Old Native Japanese Tea Trees – AHA! Long-Jet Discovery for January of 2019

For the New Year, we are launching a new monthly series on “Long-Jet”, short for Longevity. There are life forms such as trees that have lasted for five centuries. For the human race, scientists have identified “Blue Zones” in certain locations around the World, where there is a higher incidence of individuals living into their […]

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The Gift that Keeps on Melting … But Leaves Behind Wonderful Santa Memories

Our customers, through part of the sales proceeds of Watt-Ahh, gave 7 tons of snow plus a tube slide at the Flight of the North Pole holiday party. The snow melts but not the Santa memories for the children who suffer from serious health conditions as well as their brothers and sisters who attend the […]

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2018 – “No Fear” Year

Part of AquaNew’s mission statement is to support those in recovery and to “bravely seek” with others the new horizon for sustainable health. The mission statement recognizes our customers’ busy lives who are discerning about their health, willing to share their own incredible life journey, and have optimism for the future. We honor those who […]

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The Watt-Ahh Saga – Where are the Watt-Ahh Liter Bottles?

I love the high-rise beauties with the interior label of three cascading diamonds. It is truly a  delight for me to talk with customers and dispatch the Water to them. I am sad that the liter bottles are temporarily sold out for the next week or two. In recent years, we have come close to […]

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