Lest we forget the lessons of this time, we started this list. It is our sincere hope that we never need to recall this list in the future due to another impending epidemic or worse, another deadly pandemic.  We will never forget the essential workers who worked the front lines in assisting patients and those who kept the food supply chain going as well as our communities secure. Also, we appreciate all of our customers who ordered during the lockdown that kept us focused on the AquaNew business … it is truly a blessing to have the opportunity to stay busy during a lockdown and we hope the Polarized Water supported good health for you and your family during this crisis. Lastly, we appreciate the American patriotic endurance of selflessly and patiently staying at home and protecting the infirm from the spread of this contagious virus.

The list below is meant to be revised and updated as others provide their viable suggestions.


  • Watt-Ahh Polarized Water
  • Ascorbic Acid powder (make sure there is not a genetic weakness*)
  • Zinc tablets (drink with the Polarized Water since the latter may be a “zinc ionophore“)
  • Multi-vitamins
  • Hand sanitizer (use Watt-Ahh combined with a low concentration of food-safe hydrogen peroxide and aloe)


  • Pulse Oximeter (try drinking Watt-Ahh if your blood oxygen level drops below the low 90’s)
  • Nebulizer (use Watt-Ahh)
  • Vaporizer (use Watt-Ahh)
  • N95 masks and shields
  • WIT Machine/DiTetra Gas

Food and Beverage

  • Stock pantry, refrigerator and freezer with healthy food and beverages
  • Vegetable sprout seeds (e.g., broccoli) to grow
  • Paper products

Other Recommendations

  • Obtain a genetic panel analysis*
  • Ask your doctor to reduce or eliminate taking H2 blockers and cholesterol reduction medications (Statins) during an epidemic
  • Go outside and touch the ground with social distancing
  • Avoid 5G EMF exposure
  • Avoid use of glyphosate (Roundup)
  • Before your hairdresser goes into lockdown, schedule an appointment to avoid the “lockdown locks look”


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