We received heart-warming stories after the 2017 landfall hurricanes. Hurricane Florence has recently challenged our neighbors to the north. We realize shared stories of surviving the wrath of Mother Nature while helping others can be uplifting for all of us. AquaNew has decided to renew its request for hurricane recovery stories of helping others in need. It can also be about a heroic story involving first responders that you might have witnessed.

For the first 10 persons to send their story to us (via inquiries@aquanew.com), each winner will receive a free case of 24-16.9 oz. bottles of Watt-Ahh (including free shipping within the continental USA).

Additional Rules: The winners will be up to first 10 persons (16 years old plus) who send in their story to inquiries@aquanew.com, along with their name, shipping address (within the continental U.S.) and contact phone number for the UPS shipping label. The deadline for entries is Sunday, September 23, 2018, noon ET. We will post on this Facebook Page, only the first name of all of the winners along with their respective home State. AquaNew employees, unit members, contractors and their family members are not eligible to win this contest. Only one prize per household.


Dr. Walter “Buck” Campbell – Health Revival Update

Dr. Campbell has a WIT Machine, operating in his clinic located in Hollywood, FL. We keep a close working relationship with our licensees and request occasional reports on how their patients are responding to both drinking the Polarized Water (Watt-Ahh) and breathing the Dioxytetrahydride Gas generated by a WIT Machine. Dr. Campbell excels in sharing […]

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Ahh-Mazing “AHA!” Discovery for September 2018 – Disguising Knowledge of Math

At the Trowbridge Family Reunion last month, I asked several grandchildren including my husband, Rob Gourley, about their favorite memory of their grandfather, Mason Trowbridge. It was unanimous that it was Jock, his faithful red golden retriever dog. In 1959, this photo with an article about Mason were published in the New York Herald Tribune. […]

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Joseph P. Cory Foundation and Ambassador AquaNew/Watt-Ahh

The Foundation’s mission is to educate and guide with expertise, so others become more empowered in making healthier lifestyle choices … JPC Founder Nada Cory, one of our Lighthouse Women, recently let us know about the launch of upgrades to their website that highlight the Foundation’s Ambassadors including AquaNew/Watt-Ahh. The Foundation also posted on its […]

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Naturally Looking Good – Facial Saunas

Dr. Walter Campbell shared with us this photo of one of his patients who is enjoying a facial sauna using Watt-Ahh while also breathing from the WIT Machine through a nasal cannula. We purchased a facial sauna and using it every evening. Some of our friends and family have done the same so we have […]

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Caveman Trivia – The Results

Our question that was posted on AquaNew’s Facebook Page last weekend: Ancient man did not have antibiotic drugs but mankind survived. Question: What is the chemical compound made in ancient man that is also made by our own bodies, and defends against bad bacteria? Drum Roll, Please! The answer is: Hydrogen Peroxide Our own bodies […]

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Salads and Acid Reflux

I am sure this is familiar to many individuals who suffer from digestive issues. I figured going on vacation, I will try to eat light since my digestion becomes a problem when we eat at various restaurants. So many times on vacation, I am sitting up in bed, experiencing unpleasant feelings of somewhat rhythmic stomach […]

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Pee Like a Champ

We are in the hydration business and we must proudly share with you that our 7-year-old cat pees like a champ! Dewey enjoys slurping Watt-Ahh around 10 p.m. and then she comes roaring into the living room and pounces on us laying on the couch to tell us she is feeling good and wants to […]

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Cosmic Watt-Ahh

Recently, keynote speakers at space alien conferences and on Gaia videos along with social media are calling Watt-Ahh “plasma gas water”. It has intrigued us too. Candidly, we had to check from reliable on-line sources what is considered “plasma” since we try to be diligent in providing reasonable scientific disclosures about the Dioxytetrahydride Gas that […]

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Electrons and Blood Circulation

A full pallet of Watt-Ahh (672 liter-sized bottles) is on its way to Hong Kong. I had to ask the merchant if his customers are interested in having pure water from the United States. He explained instead that it is more in the fascination with the metaphysical … knowing the presence of electrons embedded in […]

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