Taste of Lori’s Event

by AquaNew on September 14, 2017

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AquaNew is again a sponsor of this annual event, held this year on Saturday, Sept. 23, 2017, in Rochester, N.Y. between noon and 4 p.m. Our friend, Morgan W. will be manning the booth and handing out complimentary Watt-Ahh® samples (480 16.9 oz. bottles), which were shipped out of Florida to upper State New York over a week before Hurricane Irma pounced on the west coast of Florida.

For more information, CLICK HERE. Or, even better, if happen to be in the Greater Rochester Area, go visit with Morgan and his crew at the festival!


Bruce Chapnick

On Sept. 1, 2017, Bruce Chapnick passed away. His companies are shareholders in both AquaNew, LLC and WIT International, LLC. His brother told the attendees at the memorial service that Bruce was an excellent baseball pitcher of professional caliber before obtaining his law degree. His daughter, Nicole, while standing at the podium and holding Skylar […]

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Basic Foods – Helping Hurricane Flood Survivors in Beaumont, Texas

Patty H., one of the buyers for Basic Foods took time to write us on September 2, 2017: “We opened a few hours yesterday and 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. today, first time since last Saturday evening. Yesterday wasn’t planned; those who could, drove to the store just to get a paycheck. And, all of […]

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We all seek younger looking, vibrant skin. We try moisturizers that have secret formulas, each promising age-removing results. Recently, a story about a man undergoing a liver transplant gave me a revelation …What I learned from his story is the skin is not the only organ that can wrinkle! The man experienced liver failure and […]

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Life is Like a Garden Hose

By: Rob Gourley, CEO of AquaNew My favorite analogy these days is that the human body is like a garden hose. When brand-new, the water flows unobstructed out of the end of hose. A young child typically has “good plumbing,” and toxins are flushed through both the vascular and kidney systems and eliminated from the […]

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Meet Summer: Our newest “Be the Ahh” Pet!

Marie at Gary’s Auto Repair in Sarasota, FL has a new announcement. As background, their faithful dog, Molly, who passed earlier this year, will always be one of our honorary Be the Ahh! Pets. Now, here comes Summer, who they recently adopted from Nate’s Honor Animal Rescue. Summer is a three-month old “Chiweenie” (Chihuahua & Dachshund mix), weighing in at […]

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Dana’s Got Magnets!

I have the dubious distinction of being the most hit woman during extreme tennis cardio at Laurel Oak Country Club in Sarasota, Florida. Fortunately, while trying to return speeding fuzzy yellow balls at the net, a direct hit beyond the sweet spot of a tennis racquet usually only stings for a short time. I figure, if […]

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Sunlight Prisms

Our long-term Watt-Ahh customers will recall the gallon size that we offered and sadly had to abandon production in 2013. One of the many reasons was trying to find a local source for PET1 plastic gallon jugs (other types of less preferable plastic jugs are more available). We were delighted to find a possible new gallon […]

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Organic Overhaul for Home Delivery

Amazon knows the growing trend in “health convenience” which motivated the company to recently acquire Whole Foods. Our Real Juice/Simply Organix friends, Sue and Katherine of Englewood, Florida, headed in that same direction too by recently launching their new home meal delivery or pickup service by pre-order. Their online menu offers made in-house cleanses, elixirs (including […]

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Ahh-Mazing “AHA!” Discovery for September 2017: Max Van Wyk de Vries, Volcano Chaser in Antarctica

It seems reasonable to hear about scientists chasing tornadoes in the corn fields of Tornado Alley within the United States. How about chasing volcanoes lying below the ice sheet of Antarctica? And also incredible, convincing your university professor as an undergraduate student to support a full-blown expedition to Antarctica? Well, student Max Van Wyk de […]

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