The weather forecast for the Flight-to-the-North-Pole Holiday Party is clear with a patch of snow. Over a hundred children and their families living in the Sarasota/Bradenton Area are invited to their own private holiday party with special celebrity guest, Santa Claus. He flies in on a Sheriff-escorted helicopter to enjoy lunch with the kids. Santa visits with each child and gives to each one specially selected gifts.

Who are the Snow Angels?

They are a battalion of volunteers. It is an eclectic party mix including hilarious clowns, sports team mascots, service and military defenders, pirates, crowned beauty queens, and well-rehearsed children’s choirs singing holiday songs. The volunteers also bring in seasonally-decorated horses for the kids to ride, hand-crafted toys to give to them, and naturally-sweetened snow cones … all to make a memorable day for the children, their parents, brothers and sisters, giving them a small break from the daily stress of worrying about severe health challenges.

We like to highlight our snow co-sponsors for this year’s party:

  • Lee’s Ice (Peggy Naughton, Joseph Wolfson, Andrew Johnson, Roy and Raymond Surber): They have slushed 5 tons of ice cubes into snow for the last consecutive three holiday parties. As a first for this year’s party, Lee’s Ice is adding a snow slide for the kids to tube down. Peggy told us that if she wants to lift her spirits, she watches the video from last year’s party. When you visit Lee’s Food Store, at 5604 Swift Road in Sarasota, let Peggy know how much you appreciate their angel deed for the kids.
  • Silliman Fluid Power (Matt and Chip Silliman): They are also a second-year snow sponsor and supply many of the specialty parts (hoses, pumps, valves) to run the internal hydraulic systems of our WIT Machines.
  • Tropical Sands Accommodations (Steve Cavanaugh): They are experts in arranging wonderful vacations for families visiting Siesta Key, FL. Stop by to visit with Shawn Marie, Kade and Traci (5116 Ocean Boulevard, Siesta Key), next door to the Siesta Key Chamber of Commerce. They can tell you about beautiful white sand vacations.

Sidney Ettedgui of the Manatee County Sheriff’s Department is the lead angel for the kids. He continues to be highly motivated after decades of helping the kids. Sidney recently told us that the Foundation has expanded its scope to help an additional 250 kids beyond those who enjoy the holiday party!

Flight to the North Pole, Inc. (Bradenton, FL.)  is a non-profit 501c3 organization, with its mission of bringing joy to terminally ill during the holiday season.



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