A light misting of Polarized Water on the skin is SO refreshing. The water purity leaves no residue like that of mineralized water in aerosol cans. The Polarized Water also supports your natural ability to heal your skin. In the Gourley household, we have spray bottles filled with Watt-Ahh® in every office, bathroom, kitchen and car.

My husband, Rob, and I search for spray misters made with PBA-free PET 1 plastic (look for the “1” inside a triangle on the bottom of the bottle). Glass containers are not preferred since glass will pull electrons from the Polarized Water over time.

The best sprayers are those that give a light mist to the face with minimal water droplets, offering better cellular hydration of the skin. Light misting is good to fix makeup too. Applying the Polarized Water to the face is part of our published 2008 Patent Application, as follows:

Skin  treatment products – Hydration of skin cells, improved absorption of moisturizers, and reduction in pigment changes due to sun damage.

Cosmetics and beauty supplies – Less need for chemical binders and more resistant to contamination buildup in cosmetics, improved hair growth.

In addition, our patent application includes a skin pigment reduction study using a lotion made with the Polarized Water which was performed by a cosmetic research lab.

We recently found the sprayer shown in the photo above in a local beauty supply shop. You pull the lever and keep it down for a longer (360 degree) spray.

For higher tech, you can find online ultra sonic misters with cartridges that can be removed from the device and refilled with water. VIEW VIDEO

We also enjoy the Naturally Looking Good tips that some of our customers shared last year. If you have a nature-based beauty tip, please share on AquaNew’s Facebook Page.


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Ahh-Mazing “AHA!” Discovery for May 2017: Major Production of Blood and Immune Stem Cells Discovered in Lungs

Breathing dioxytetrahydride (H4O2) or SG Gas generated by WIT Machines has multiple pulmonary function benefits … including lessening of secondary symptoms in recovering from pneumonia, and reduction in oxygen concentration for those with compromised respiratory conditions such as COPD. This same water-based gas is bubbled into ultra pure water to make Watt-Ahh® bottled water. We continue […]

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Authenticity – Beyond the Ink on the Bottle Label

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Sparking Heartfelt Joy

We invite our first-time customers who order online to consider a free subscription to this weekly eNewsletter. We describe it as “sometimes educational, sometimes quirky but always heartfelt.” This week’s eNewsletter is dedicated to sparking heartfelt joy in others (and in turn, ourselves). We love sharing stories from our customers similar to the one below. […]

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Luxury Car Show to Benefit Flight to the North Pole

Date: Saturday, May 13, 2017 Time: 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Place: Main Street, Lakewood Ranch, FL. The public is invited to this car show that benefits the nonprofit Flight to the North Pole Foundation. AquaNew’s gift is snow for the Foundation’s annual Christmas party, when local children and their family members can have fun […]

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Ahh-Mazing “AHA!” Discovery for April 2017: Area of Most Lightning Strikes in the World

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Young Fawn

The corporate headquarters of AquaNew is located along the green fringe of a special area within eastern Sarasota, FL called the “Myakka Island”. We enjoy our commute from the house to the backyard office/workshop building, watching the various critters. The female deer know they are secure and will stay in our backyard to raise their […]

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Edible Magazine Article: All Things Liquid

Edible Sarasota Magazine dove right in and devoted an entire issue to all things liquid. Editor Tracy Freeman said she was skeptical until her  team started talking about all of the local drink options and she stated: “The creative juices started to flow until our cups ranneth over.” In the Spring 2017 issue, the coverage […]

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