Sunlight Prisms

by AquaNew on August 18, 2017

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Our long-term Watt-Ahh customers will recall the gallon size that we offered and sadly had to abandon production in 2013. One of the many reasons was trying to find a local source for PET1 plastic gallon jugs (other types of less preferable plastic jugs are more available). We were delighted to find a possible new gallon bottle being used for other products, and these products were even on the shelves at Publix (where we purchased this sample shown in the photo to the left). Our delight quickly diminished when we read the decal added to the top of the bottle: “Consumer Alert: Do not leave in direct sunlight. Bottle may act as a lens and magnify sun’s ray.”

Yikes! We even did our own outdoor experiment placing white paper under the same bottle filled with water (no removal of the paper label) and after less than five minutes of exposure to bright sunlight, the paper ignited. The broker told us about two known fires resulting from the same bottle, one being left in a car and another in the front window of someone’s living room. Somehow, the bottle designers unknowingly created a configuration for this bottle that was a perfect sunlight prism, and needless to say, this specific bottle is likely no longer on the market.

We found this survival video on how to start a fire using a bottle of water.  It appears that someone needs to remove the label from the bottled water and aim the white light spectrum formed by sunlight going through the plastic bottle, onto a printed black area on the white paper.

As a precaution, it is recommended to take your bottled water with you when leaving your car.


Organic Overhaul for Home Delivery

Amazon knows the growing trend in “health convenience” which motivated the company to recently acquire Whole Foods. Our Real Juice/Simply Organix friends, Sue and Katherine of Englewood, Florida, headed in that same direction too by recently launching their new home meal delivery or pickup service by pre-order. Their online menu offers made in-house cleanses, elixirs (including […]

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Ahh-Mazing “AHA!” Discovery for September 2017: Max Van Wyk de Vries, Volcano Chaser in Antarctica

It seems reasonable to hear about scientists chasing tornadoes in the corn fields of Tornado Alley within the United States. How about chasing volcanoes lying below the ice sheet of Antarctica? And also incredible, convincing your university professor as an undergraduate student to support a full-blown expedition to Antarctica? Well, student Max Van Wyk de […]

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Farewell to Offshore Racer Keith Holmes of the Cat-Can-Do Race Boat

REDS Offshore Racing (Watt-Ahh Race Boat) extends their condolences to Throttles Keith Holmes’ family and team members. The details of the tragic accident seem to be still under investigation. It involved a collision between Miss Geico and CK Motorsports/American Ethanol’s Cat-Can-Do race boats last month in St. Clair, Michigan. Miss Geico typically races in its own “Extreme” […]

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Pandora’s Brash Space Botanist

Sigourney Weaver’s character, Dr. Grace Augustine, in Avatar is one of my all-time favorite movie heroes. Grace is a brash, opinionated and confident leader guiding her team members into the fascinating and dangerous jungle of Pandora. Her character dispels the common opinion that botanists are both quiet and unadventurous, which I know from professional experience […]

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Alexander Robert Seaboyer, WWII Pearl Harbor Veteran

Alex Seaboyer is our brother-in-law’s (Gary) father who passed on August 8, 2017 in Sarasota, FL. He was born on January 31, 1921. Alex survived the attack on Pearl Harbor. He also experienced the tragic aftermath of loss and immediate action of the U.S. military to protect frightened civilians living on small Hawaiian Islands that […]

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WIT Machine at Delphi University

A 10-cell WIT Machine is in operation for the clients of Delphi University located in McCaysville, Georgia. Those who breathe the Dioxytetrahydride Gas are providing their feedback in a journal. We have received some positive testimonials, which have been added to the WIT Home Page. (Go to the 4th side banner on the right side, showing […]

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Water Rescue II: Built-In Snorkel

Just like our recent post about a chain of swimmers who came to the aid of a family caught in a riptide, this is another heartwarming rescue of trust. An elephant stranded over 10 miles out to sea trusted sailors of the Sri Lankan Navy to safely tow her back to land. The slow-paced rescue […]

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Water Rescue: Human Chain of Trust

Sometimes, we hesitate in the face of an emergency and experience an overwhelming feeling of helplessness. Recently, there was no such paralysis for over 80 beach goers who snapped into action and formed a human chain offshore from Panama City, FL to rescue a family being taken away by a deadly riptide. The hand-in-hand chain saved […]

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Summertime Safety and Recovery

Splash! Jumping into a swimming pool, lake or ocean is a fast way to cool off during these hot summer days. Water can be so refreshing. However, all of us must take precautions for safety, including watching children while they are in the water. Sadly, there are drownings each year. Emergency CPR applied in time […]

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