2016 Sarasota-Bradenton Modern Pentathlon World Cup

pentathlon.tvstreaming516For three consecutive days in early May the intense competitive action of all five sports (fencing, equestrian jumping, swimming, running and pistol shooting) was covered by multiple cameras and drones for TV streaming during the 2016 Modern Pentathlon World Cup. A Watt-Ahh® banner hung from one of the camera platforms located at the northern end of the equestrian jumping course. Show caller, Sam Ould (international sporting event announcer and photographer), qualified as having the healthiest behavior of the weekend – he visited our table multiple times and drank at least six bottles of Watt-Ahh® each day of the event while working under the bright Florida sun.

pentathlon.equisjumping516Meanwhile, we have been following Lucas Schrimsher, one of the USA Pentathlon Athletes, and his brother Nathan since 2014. Both brothers demonstrate great endurance and dedication to daily conditioning for the Pentathlon competitions worldwide, and Lucas has always felt that nature-based products seem to give him the best results in his athletic performance. We spoke with Lucas after the Pentathlon this year, and he verified that Nathan has qualified for the Summer Olympics in Rio, Brazil. Lucas, himself, did well in Sarasota and barely missed qualifying after his horse knocked down a few rails during the equestrian jumping event. Lucas said he will be chasing after the final qualifying points within the next two weeks, and we have great confidence that both brothers will be representing the USA in Rio.