Centner Wellness of Miami, FL. – Transformative Wellness with the WIT Machine

March 4, 2024 – In this new video, Leila Centner, one of the founders of Centner Wellness and Spa chose a few of her favorite devices for transformative wellness and the WIT Machine is one of them (starting at minute 0.20 of the video).

Centner Wellness is located in Downtown Miami. About a year ago, Rob and I installed the WIT Machine for the first of several grand opening soirees in this luxury wellness environment.   We enjoyed meeting some of the teachers from the Centner Academy and learning about the other state-of-the-wellness devices based on “ancient healing wisdom” that Leila and her team discovered worldwide and brought to Miami. We have no doubt that Leila has created a spa that will be internationally known in a short time.

The complementary devices can assist in detoxification, cellular regeneration, enhance neurocognitive function, stress reduction and decreased inflammation. Plus Centner Wellness offers a free introductory 30-minute consultation with one of their wellness trainers to develop a customized plan for you that includes nutritional and lifestyle recommendations, and how to leverage the therapies to lift your body’s natural healing processes. Additionally, the Center offers advanced resistance fitness equipment to regain peak physical strength and endurance.

Meet Leila Centner

Leila and her husband, David, are experiencing their own transformative lives through intuition, strong initiative and faith after being publicly criticized by the national media and higher during the scary times of COVID. In this recent interview with Jason Shruka, Leila eloquently tells her own compelling and brave story of re-making their school, growing organic vegetables for the students and globetrotting to find the 30-plus therapeutic machines at her wellness center. Leila says in the video how she prefers to “stack”, meaning using multiple machines or therapies at the same time. When Jason asks how she restores her own energy, she mentions using the WIT Machine. at minute 16:40 on the video.

More Information about the WIT Machines

WIT Machines produce from water the Fifth State of Water or DiTetra Gas. The Gas is infused into purified water to make Watt-Ahh. DiTetra Gas is like a cool breeze that comes directly from WIT Machines that can be found in several wellness clinics. These machines become the central core of the primary treatments in these clinics, including Centner Wellness Center. WIT International is the R&D company behind AquaNew and also licenses WIT Machines. If interested in more information, please contact Rob and Dana at 941-923-8972 ET (9 am to 5 pm ET).