December 15, 2022 — Comedians can hit sensitive nerves when telling jokes. Alopecia (sudden hair loss) has become one of the classic examples of a joke landing badly at an awards ceremony this year. It is an unsettling experience for over 6 million Americans to have their hair fall out and not know if their hair will ever regrow. Sadly, children also can experience hair loss.

But what causes patches of hair loss and even loss of eyelashes and eyebrows? There are many theories on what cause alopecia including stress, genetics and the potential for the body’s  own autoimmune system to go haywire in attacking hair follicles. No cure has been found but certain prescribed medications including corticosteroids and allergens may promote hair regrowth or not.

Watt-Ahh to the Follicle Rescue

We are not sure about the mechanism but a young child followed her grandmother’s advice to spray Watt-Ahh on her face and bald head multiple times each day. The child calls it “maw maw’s magic water”. Astoundingly, her hair, eyelashes and eyebrows are regrowing.

We shared her grandmother’s Facebook posting on November 8, 2022 with a photo of her adorable granddaughter and she states … “ I want to show you all what watt-ahh can do for autoimmune alopecia. My granddaughter’s hair was completely gone. Eyebrows and eyelashes. Watt-ahh oxygenates and activates stem cells. We now have eyebrows, eyelashes and hair growth. Watt-ahh by!”

Maybe a child has led the way for others to try the same?

As an update, the grandmother who is a genetic researcher provided an updated post in February of 2023 and stated … “My granddaughter’s hair from November until now spraying watt-ahh in use as stem cell activation … watt-ahh is not water but the gaseous state of water in it’s 5th phase that goes to the mitochondria then grabs atp and activates every stem cell within every cell.” Photos taken in November of 2022 and three months later in February of 2022 can be found at this link and then double click on 4th box on right-hand column with a sitting woman looking up into the sky.