Nightly Miracles – A Cat’s Strength to Live and Love

December 11, 2022 – Our beloved cat, Dewey, has Stage 4 cancer … a rare feline cancer. Over a month ago, the vet showed us this x-ray of the water that had accumulated in her lungs, blocking the imaging of Dewey’s heart and he pointed out more tumors in addition to the one that he removed several months ago that has come back with vengeance. The vet did not recommend any more treatments and said to Rob and me that they will be there to help when we need them.

During a tearful trip back home with Dewey, we wiped the tears away and discussed an action plan. The central part is for Dewey to breathe the DiTetra Gas several times a day and continue drinking Watt-Ahh. We added substances to Dewey’s action plan recommended by both holistic practitioners and friends.

Dewey has eaten the equivalent of less than one small can of Fancy Feast since Thanksgiving. We use a plastic syringe to feed her…not an easy feat for both us since her jaw is strong to open.

Dewey is on borrowed time from God. Each morning, she wants to go outside to go do her cat things…watching the deer and turkeys feed and finding a sunny spot. At 4 am in the morning when she was healthier, she loved to sing loudly what sounded like “Three Blind Mice” while strolling down the hallway. Now at 4 am, she purrs loudly at the foot of our bed for over an hour. It is “miracle music” to our ears that we have another night together. She is my nighttime slayer of anxious thoughts that go bump in the night. Although we brought her into our house after being dumped into our backyard over 11 years ago, she truly saved us … and now we get an opportunity to save her a few more days.

Rob and I wonder if breathing the DiTetra Gas would help others with water on the lung … a passive pain-free way to clear the air passages and avoid trips to clinics. Dewey’s breath rate fluctuates but she rarely coughs like when we took her to the vet a month ago.

Rob and I extend our appreciation to those who gave recommendations for Dewey’s Action Plan that include Dr. April, Dr. Mary, Dr. Kristi, Ursula, Pat and Lee.

Close to midnight on Saturday, December 17, 2022, Dewey passed while Dana caressed her head and Rob gently rubbed her chin that she liked so much. Earlier in the afternoon, Dana saw a glimpse of the Great Black Cat Spirit with huge green eyes looking back at her in the woods. Later that night, Dewey left us with the Cat Spirit … of course, Dewey like her routine, led the way with both her head and tail held high. Farewell our strong-willed, wise, sometimes feisty and always loving cat … you taught us so much about life and love. However, not sure about the lesson of dashing out into the middle of a thunderstorm but after all, you are our Watt-Ahh cat!

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