Party Smart

December 29, 2022 — Watt-Ahh makes other beverages smarter choices for your party guests. It is obvious that drinking Watt-Ahh alone is healthy but as we know, alcohol indulgence is typically part of the party game. You can give your guests healthier (and more flavorful) drinks using Watt-Ahh as a mixer. Less alcohol can be added to Watt-Ahh to give the desired lift. Also, at the end of the party, drinking Watt-Ahh can kick-start the detox process that will help your guests get sober. Plus, if there is a hangover, drinking Watt-Ahh with its superior hydration can help with faster recovery so there are only good memories left after a wonderful party.

We all have set down our beverages during a party and then go back and wonder if it is the same one or does it belong to someone else? Our niece, Sierra, showed us her solution on marking her Watt-Ahh bottle during Christmas. She twists the top and drinks some and then squeezes the plastic bottle into an unique form. It is her hallmark-styled bottle to distinguish it for all the other bottles at a party.

Party Smart and Safe this New Years!