AquaNew Offers a Healthy Solution to the Bloomberg/Coca-Cola Debate

coca-colaAquaNew has a solution to address NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed ban on supersized-sugary drinks. As part of Bloomberg’s campaign against obesity, his proposal would make it illegal for restaurants, movie theaters and food carts from selling soda in cups larger than 16 oz.

Excessive? Quite possibly, but we at AquaNew think there is a better way.

Rather than policing how much of a product a person can buy or consume, why not create a healthier product in the first place?

Our studies  have already indicated that you can cut down the amount of unhealthy sugar and sodium in beverages – without affecting the flavor – by adding ultra pure Watt-Ahh®. In a recent taste survey, AquaNew successfully replaced 30%-50% of a well-known sugary energy drink with Watt-Ahh® and discovered that the beverage not only retained its flavor, but it tasted better without a “bubble-gum” after taste. Another huge benefit was the calories per serving dropped to meet Canadian standards for products served to their school-aged children. Wes Wyatt, CEO of Cintron beverages, was excited about the prospects of producing a healthier energy drink alternative using Watt-Ahh®.

Currently, AquaNew is seeking to collaborate with leading beverage companies, such as Coca-Cola, to produce healthier and more flavorful RTD (Ready to Drink) beverages. We also propose commercializing their novel water treatment machine to make more consistent tasting fountain drinks worldwide; thereby extending the life of expensive dispensing machines (which are susceptible to scale and rust buildup from tap water) in restaurants and other commercial outlets.

With any luck, Cintron, Coca-Cola and other beverage companies will be willing to work with us to create healthier sodas and energy drinks.