How to Stop InflammAGING

watt-ahh on the beachWe all want to live healthy and active lives. As we age, however, our No. 1 enemy is inflammation. We call it InflammAGING when the body’s natural ability to heal is blocked by a buildup of toxins and proteins on the nerve endings. Once inflammation is reduced, normal blood flow, joint movement and organ function are restored and pain is alleviated. Our skin is also barometer of good health when inflammation is reduced. The result is hydrated skin that’s smoother and more radiant. (And, who doesn’t want that?)

For more than 25 years, top international scientists have studied the anti-inflammatory effects of active hydrogen water. Our bodies are fueled by hydrogen – from water we drink and carbohydrates we eat – to form ATP, which supplies energy to our cells and promotes healing. Our novel way of restructuring ultra-pure water makes the most beneficial form of hydrogen accessible for our bodies to absorb, either by drinking or cleansing with the Water to promote optimum skin beauty. That is why Watt-Ahh® provides superior hydration, detoxification and energy and reduces premature aging caused by inflammation.

How much Watt-Ahh® should you drink daily to help detoxify your body and reduce inflammation? We recommend at least one serving (8oz)  of Watt-Ahh® per average‐sized person, daily. For purposes of superior hydration and detoxification, AquaNew recommends one to two 16.9 oz. bottles of Watt-Ahh® each day as part of your normal daily water intake.*

Want to unlock your body’s natural healing ability? Drink more Watt-Ahh® !


* Leading water experts recommend that we drink liquids equivalent to 50% of our weight in ounces each day (i.e. a 100-lb. child should drink 50 ounces/day). These same experts recommend drinking the purest water that you can obtain for good health, and there is no comparison in the purity of Watt-Ahh® available on the market.

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