AquaNew’s Open Letter: Printed in SRQ Magazine (Feb. 2017)

Made on the Gulf Coast

THANK YOU, JACOB, FOR A CLEVER AND ENTERTAINING ARTICLE in the SRQ magazine, January 2017 edition. We are honored to be identified among other top-notched manufacturers within the Florida Gulf Coast as well as your recognition that our bottled water product goes beyond the lunch box. The stable crystalline structure of the polarized water improves the efficacy of many consumer products including, as you wrote, a base ingredient for a “purer jolt to energy drinks.” We look forward to a “let’s get it done” New Year. Our primary mission is to continue searching for channels to connect to health practitioners who are assisting US veterans in recovery. AquaNew, our Sarasota-based company that manufactures Watt-Ahh, showcases stories of our customers — it can range from a natural beauty tip, an athletic sports victory and even a story about their beloved pet. Our customers selflessly share their experiences to help others. Jacob, we appreciate your daily creative efforts in making SRQ Daily so appealing and informative for our great Sarasota/Bradenton/Venice community. We wish the SRQ Media Team a happy and healthy New Year.  ~Dana and Rob Gourley  (Founders, Watt-Ahh)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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