Polarized Water and Gas Help First Responders

Dr. Carol Brown, M.D. recently said: “One of the great things about the Polarized Water is that it not only flushes out poisons and toxins, it increases and stabilizes the nervous system so it can function at its maximum potential.”

The neurons of our own brains have an accelerator-type of system that requires a balance of electrons and protons to “fire” neurologically normal functions, including those of the endocrine glands for immune support and restorative sleep. An imbalance of this sequencing may be caused by either toxin-driven blockages or stress. First responders, including those serving in the military, are susceptible to post-traumatic stress disorder which may contribute to endocrine gland malfunction, resulting in “fight-or-flight” anxiety, and more sadly, suicidal thoughts.

On a preliminary basis, we have observed a restoration of individuals’ health and mental wellbeing when they use the WIT Technology for a relatively short time under the guidance of their healthcare practitioners. For more information, please read this recent report summary.

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