Aviation Fuel of the Future: Sustainable Fuel Made from Food Waste vs. Fuel Enhancers Infused with Renewable DiTetra Gas – AHA! Climate Discovery for August of 2023

July 25, 2023 — Wall Street Journal (WSJ) recently published an article about the race to invent a greener jet fuel.  This article states … “The U.S. consumed about 23 billion gallons of aviation fuel in 2019, including military and civilian use, while global commercial consumption reached 95 billion gallons in the same year.”

Fuels made from either food waste including used beef or waste carbon from factories (incredibly bacteria from rabbit droppings are used to metabolize the carbon waste) are either produced chemically or by fermentation. Some scientists are optimistic that blending these sustainable aviation fuels or SAF’s into petroleum-based jet kerosene promises to reduce carbon emissions from jets up to a whopping 80%. There are major corporate energy players including World Energy and Neste in the jet-biofuel sector but the challenges for the commercial airlines to overcome are the high cost and uneven supply chain. Another concern is microorganisms thrive on the fatty acids in biofuels and can cause fuel fouling or clotting in storage equipment and if left unchecked, can cause engine failure.  We know Dr. Carol Brown MD whom studied commercial jet crashes in the 1960’s. She discovered the culprit to be microbial contamination in the jet oil that caused a lubrication failure of the spinning turbines.

Rob Gourley continues his research of infusing renewable DiTetra Gas, the fifth state of water, into jet fuel. He performs experimentation on the treated jet fuel using a small turbine engine with software to give him performance readings. Upon implosion inside the engine, the Gas converts to steam to improve the performance of the fuel feeding the engine. The more complete combustion of fuel reduces the pollutant emissions. Rob also noticed there is less kerosene smell when the treated gas is used to run the turbine … a sign of more complete fuel burn. DiTetra Gas is made from 100% renewable water (no biofouling) and has a low production cost compared to SAF’s.

What companies are competing in this Greener Jet Fuel Race? The WSJ article states … “Dozens of airlines worldwide, including American, United, Delta and others in the U.S., have committed to increasing alternative fuel usage. So have Amazon Air Freight and corporate airline customers like Boston Consulting Group, Bank of America and American Express Global Travel. As of mid-2023, according to the Centre for Aviation, some 499,000 commercial flights had been flown worldwide on some blend of sustainable aviation fuel.”

In October of 2023, WIT International (Dana and Rob Gourley) will have a booth at the Hydrogen North America 2023 conference to be held in Houston, TX.

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