Ahh! Climate – AHA! Discovery for 2023

November 19, 2022 — In November of 2022, Rob and I were on a Zoom conference with financial managers from a U.S. megabank that has made a clean energy commitment. The bank’s new mission is to help their large corporate clients transition “toward low- and zero-carbon solutions” and a more sustainable future. We are interested in tech. licensing with their energy clients including major oil companies.

Anyway, during our conversation with the bank managers, they  kept on saying “IRA”. It took me a moment to realize that they were not talking about IRA retirement funds but rather the federal Inflation Reduction Act that will pump billions of our tax dollars into “greener” energy alternatives. During our conversation, Rob presented some of his energy concepts using DiTetra Gas including making Super Green Hydrogen and Restructured Fuel.

So, in light of the “IRA” and global search for green energy solutions, it seems timely to have a series for 2023 on the climate challenge with emphasis on both the physical and mechanical energy applications  using WIT International’s DiTetra Gas … the same Gas that is infused into ultra pure water to make Watt-Ahh. This series is a departure for other annual series that focus primarily on bioenergetics. We are shifting our focus this year on the potential of DiTetra Gas “beyond the bottle” including the production of super green energy. The Gas, being a high-energy state of water, truly is renewable without any carbon emissions when the Gas is produced by green power (e.g., solar).

The monthly chapters on the Ahh! Climate 2023 Series can be found at these links below:

January 2023: The Dirty Secret on the Worst Carbon

February 2023: Diamonds are carbon dioxide sinks

March 2023: Improving capture efficiency of solar radiant energy by generating DiTetra Gas

April 2023: U.S. turbofunding of the clean-tech energy frenzy

May 2023: Oxygen is the bioenergetic powerhouse

June 2023: Super Green Hydrogen fuel made from DiTetra Gas

July 2023: Shell Oil’s Racing Biofuel for Indy 500

August 2023: Greener jet fuel using DiTetra Gas

September 2023: Future of clean energy using DiTetra Gas and Batteries vs. Hydrogen

October 2023: Do not frack for hydrogen

November 2023: New mobility fuel for Hydroxy ICE engines

December 2023: Policy vs. Market in sustainable energy

Rob talks about these novel applications and his race days including the Watt-Ahh super race boat in this documentary at this link.