The Mighty Mitochondria


Consumers wonder if the many choices of energy drinks currently on the market provide any health benefits. AquaNew takes a novel slant on what is the optimum energy drink for health … It should support the power of the “Mighty Mitochondria”. 

Mitochondria are contained inside our cells and convert moderate amounts of glucose (simple sugars) and fatty acids to energy that the body uses. This conversion  produces the energy needed to sustain the immune system of our bodies. As we age, we rely more on the conversion of glucose, while fatty acid conversion happens at a slower rate (which accounts for fat accumulation around the organs of our bodies). In short, well-functioning mitochondria are what we need for optimum energy, health and weight control.   

Energy drinks and shots, however, can overload our bodies with complex sugars, carbohydrates and caffeine. These are like giant cannons that can ravage our cells, causing collateral damage that leads to diseases such as diabetes.   

Some “energy” products even contain low concentrations of a drug stimulant that are not typically identified on the label to alert the consumer. The drug stimulant is combined with a relatively high dosage of caffeine to allow passage across the blood brain barrier and trick the mind into feeling a false sense of energy.

Conversely, ultra-pure Watt-Ahh® is more like an arrow shot by a marksman, crossing the cellular membrane and supporting the life functions of the mitochondria with no side effects. Preliminary research on Watt-Ahh® shows some connection to redox signaling molecules produced by the mitochondria which the body needs to support the immune system and healing. 

Indeed, focusing on the cellular level of energy may not prompt exciting marketing campaigns promising phenomenal energy boosts which would allow one to complete multiple feats in a given afternoon. Our discerning customers are not convinced by these glitzy campaigns, and they realize the innate functions of our own incredible bodies surpass the power of any energy drink.      

Watt-Ahh® is the optimum energy drink to support the Mighty Mitochondria and natural energy for smart brains. 

(We know it is not a glitzy marketing slogan … but it is powerful!)


Facts about Mitochondria*

  • Between 10 – 5,000 mitochondria live in every cell.
  • It Produces 95% of all energy used by the body (ATP).
  • Mitochondria comprise more than half of the dry weight of the body.
  • Mitochondrial DNA is different from our own nuclear DNA.

*From the blog archives of Asea®