Common sense in 2009

Based upon discussions with Ted Suratt, CSO of AquaNew, LLC

Our bodies rely upon metabolic function, in order to absorb vitamins and nutrients (*both contained in the food we eat, and in oral supplements which we ingest), in order for our bodies to function at their optimum level.

Our immune systems are compromised by the volume of toxins contained in the body at any given time, as toxins are absorbed daily in the air we breathe, the foods we eat, and the liquids we drink (as well as those contained in all chemically created products, which we use topically).

The fewer toxins which we have in our bodies, allow for greater immune and metabolic function.

Filtered waters and tap water contain large quantities of total dissolved solids, as well as an assortment of chemicals, which are used to purify municipal water supplies.  These impurities are only partially removed by standard filtration systems.

Water which contains impurities (chemicals and dissolved solids), prevent the penetration of water into our organs, which is imperative in flushing out stored toxins, which then allow for the proper absorption of vitamins and nutrients consumed.

Watt-AhhTM contains less than 1.0 (TDS/ppm) Total dissolved solids/parts per million, which allow for immediate penetration of this water through organ membranes, which in turn allow for the flushing out of toxins in direct proportion to the pure water penetrating the organ membrane.

Watt-AhhTM  allows for greater absorption of nutrients and vitamins ingested with food and nutritional supplements, while at the same time removing harmful toxins from the body.

When our immune and metabolic functions are working at their optimum, we are much better able to fight off germs and infections, and allow for maintained good health.

Doesn’t it make good common sense to consume the purest water possible, in order to maintain good health and ward-off costly medical care and treatment?  It sure does!!