Compassion and Cerebral Health (A Thanksgiving Wish)

BrainWe unfortunately live in a violent and stressful world right now. We grieve for the senseless murders and terrorism that recently occurred in Paris.  Violence also has occurred in our schools and theaters and sadly, our veterans are taking their own lives … all likely involving at least in part, the unseen wounds of violence and distress that occur inside the brain.

A child, for example, may survive a war in his/her homeland, domestic abuse inside the home, bullying at school, polluted environments, poverty, or even what is overlooked in many cases, being bombarded by frontline-reality wars on video games. However, the brain can be permanently damaged by such traumas, and this trauma can show up years later.

Anyone is susceptible to either Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) or Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) whether or not they served in the military.  The result of any brain trauma is inflammation around the “threadlike” axon needed to transport impulses from the nerve cell, or neuron to synapse with another cell. The impairment is a swelling or “beading” effect on the axons that adversely affect other cells and becomes the root cause for many overlapping symptoms of both TBI and PTSD such as sleep deprivation, moodiness, anxiety, and even suicidal thoughts.  Physical cerebral damage can linger for years, and one of the central problems is that individuals can experience relapses.

We are currently working with several clinics to evaluate the effectiveness of Water Ion Technologies as a nature-based pretreatment therapy to alleviate the overlapping symptoms of TBI and PTSD.

This Thanksgiving, we send compassion to those who live with trauma, and the hope that family members and friends show understanding if someone is exhibiting signs of distress – and take action by seeking help before a tragedy occurs.

We send a Thanksgiving blessing to all, especially those who show compassion and strength in seeking help for another, and support for themselves. Wishing everyone peace this Thanksgiving.