Eco-Friendly Florida Fest and Tibetan Singing Dragon Water Bowl

aquanew.singingbowl716We had an interactive display at our booth during the Eco-Friendly Florida Fest held at the Sarasota Hyatt Regency last month. Children and their parents tried the Tibetan Singing Dragon Water Bowl (of course, filled with Watt-Ahh®). The engraved metal bowl, while wetting the hands and rubbing the two brass handles, will sing like a crystal bowl. Educator Jenna Bardroff of Solutionary Species (who is a rock climber with strong hands!) was successful in making the bowl sing. Tibetan legend says if the water splashes your face, you will have a long life.

aquanew.ecofest716We enjoyed talking with other vendors, whom we have met at other events, and meeting new ones. Some Watt-Ahh® customers stopped by, including Angel Garcia who works for PSAV and manages the technology that supports conference events held at the Hyatt Regency and other fine hotels in the area.

Rob and I told the story behind the smallest WIT Machine on display at our booth, intended to operate in remote areas of the World without electricity and help children suffering from pneumonia.