Recent Watt-Ahh® Delivery Breaks an All-time Record

Picture2We love our dedicated Watt-Ahh® Drivers, Steve Browne and Steve Lennon. They start before the crack of dawn and work well over 10 hours on most delivery days to get the deliveries done for our customers. Recently, on July 14, 2016, they delivered 5,268 bottles on six pallets (over 9,300 lbs. or 4.65 tons of bottled water) during the hot Florida summertime heat, which is an all-time record for a one-day delivery by AquaNew. Rob and I are serious when we say we could not do this bottled water business without Steve and Stever!



In the above photo: Watt-Ahh® Drivers, Steve Browne and Steve Lennon (left and right), delivered to our Ft. Myers customers the first Friday of each month (John Cassidy in the center). Ann Cassidy took the photo and made a great puzzle with it.