Electron Energy: Can Electrons Lower Your Business’ Energy Costs?

By: Rob Gourley (Inventor; CEO of  WIT International and AquaNew)

The capacity of harnessing the energy potential of water has eluded many scientists. When the bonds of oxygen and hydrogen are broken through electrolysis it creates unstable gases. Simply put, oxygen and hydrogen will not bind without a reaction that converts it back to liquid water.

A non-electrolysis process has been discovered. It involves a magnetized reactor cell that adds electrons to liquid water such that the clusters of water molecules repel. The result is that liquid water converts to a stable electron-rich gas (without molecular bond breakage). The gas is breathable and can be infused into other liquids to raise the oxygen-reduction potential (ORP). One 80-cell machine can polarize over 60,000 gallons of pure water in a 24-hour period (or 10 batches of 6,000 gallons). The cost for polarization is very economical, involving only electricity to operate the machine, and approximately a total of 8 gallons of liquid water over a consecutive 24-hour period (at a rate of one Liter of liquid water converting to 1,800 Liters of gas @ ambient pressure and at room temperature (77o F.).

The applications for the gas are endless. The gas can be used for pre-treatment of incoming water, which lowers energy costs (approximately 30%) and extends the life of expensive reverse osmosis membranes. More efficient water purification (greater percent recovery of permeate) also provides the benefit of greater water conservation – an ongoing challenge for any beverage manufacturer, particularly those producing craft beer in drought-prone areas.


Electrons are nature’s best power supply, playing a huge role in support of healing within our own bodies. Plus, there are no secondary adverse effects. Additives in energy drinks, including sugar and caffeine, do not replace the capacity of electrons in combating fatigue. Without energy, we can neither heal nor have optimum cognitive function.

Next time you have an energy challenge, perhaps the solution is to Think Electrons!

About Rob Gourley

Rob Gourley is inventor and CEO of both WIT International and AquaNew (maker of Watt-Ahh® bottled polarized water) of Sarasota, FL. Visit www.WaterIonTechnologies.com for information on WIT machines. Rob also can be reached at dana@aquanew.com or call 1-888-936-2728.