Edible Magazine Article: All Things Liquid

Edible Sarasota Magazine dove right in and devoted an entire issue to all things liquid. Editor Tracy Freeman said she was skeptical until her  team started talking about all of the local drink options and she stated: “The creative juices started to flow until our cups ranneth over.” In the Spring 2017 issue, the coverage includes a local dairy that gives ecotours, four flourishing craft beer breweries, several mixology cocktail recipes, plus what Tracy calls “the best-kept secret for bottled water,” our own “Earth’s Thunderstorm in a Bottle” (Read the two-page article on Watt-Ahh® here).

Randi Donahue of Edible Sarasota crafted the words of this well-researched article that resulted from a phone interview with Dana Gourley of AquaNew. The article covers the discovery of Watt-Ahh® in Sarasota and its launch into the national commercial market almost a decade ago. The article gets into its geeky side of growing plants with the Polarized Water for greater bioavailable nutrients (less lignin) and the body’s need for electrons to support energy for healing. Dana states in the article: “This water, with its geeky type of background, tastes like really outstanding water.” For foodies, Dana recommends using the Polarized Water to enhance the flavor of their favorite coffee or tea.