Eye Love My Vision

With millions of Americans suffering from vision impairment including blindness, the beginnings of the various eye diseases are likely related to mitochondrial energy dysfunction due to advanced aging. Dry eyes that effect so many more individuals, may be a symptom that the eyes are stressed leading to other vision-impairment diseases over time. The “Eyelove Hydration Therapy”, also called “Polarized Water Infusion Treatment”, seems to help in revitalizing vision that is so important for our everyday lives.

Dr. Walter “Buck” Campbell, DOAM has cared for hundreds of patients through his long career and has traveled the World seeking holistic modalities that energize eyes for healing. The marketing campaign for his newest business venture involving new partners is called “Eye Love My Vision” not only reflects his ongoing eye health research but also his love of a good pun. But he and his colleagues have a serious mission of restoring eye sight.

Dr. Campbell is a WIT Technology/DiTetra Gas licensee since 2018, the same Technology used to make Watt-Ahh Polarized Water. He and Dr. Nichole Stare have shared with us their optical improvement observations from cornea gas absorption as well as their patient testimonials who experience eye-vision revitalization. Some of the research information and video testimonials appear in the content of their new website.

Here is a quote on their observations about Watt-Ahh Polarized Water:

“Through our Polarized Water Infusion treatments we infuse an extra electron charge into water molecules. This delivers a free electron to the mitochondria. The boost of ‘free’ energy to your cells promotes repair and increases functionality. The process acts like an antioxidant to neutralize toxicity and promote the transportation of nourishment to the eye. The therapy ‘charges’ the tissues and interstitial fluids of the eye, thus optimizing their cellular functions and regeneration leading to improved vision.”

Dr. Campbell’s clinic, located outside Ft. Lauderdale, FL., operates a WIT Machine used for the Polarized Water Infusion treatments including addition of proprietary eye drops made with Watt-Ahh. The process is also called “Eyelove Hydration Therapy” with the following statement from their website:

“In my experience, most if not all patients with eye disease have what we call a liver chi stagnation. This refers to the ability of the liver to filter the metabolic waste (drugs, toxins, glyphosate, chemicals) at a normal rate. The increase of glyphosate increases bile stasis and slows the production of bile as well as the ability of the liver to filter the blood. According to naturopathic medicine, due to the inability of the liver to filter out on the first pass, the metabolic waste ends up in the rest of the body. The brain is especially sensitive to the increase of metabolic waste leading to depression, sleep disorders, mental agility and vision problems etc. In my clinical experience our Polarized Water Infusion protocol, along with detoxifying the liver, will significantly improve your vision. Our Water Ionization treatment will help neutralize and clean the fluids in the eye, and ultimately nourishing the eye while restoring your vision.”

Patient Testimonial Video, dated January 24, 2023, at this link.