Special Waters

January 27, 2023 — During a recent interview between Joshua of Dharma Portal and Robert Powell, a spiritual scientist and author of The Sophia Teachings, they talked about the energy potentials of various special waters from around the World. Robert states in the interview video that a foundational source of pure water with ultra-high energy is a good health start for anyone.

Toward the end of the 2-hour interview, Joshua and Robert addressed what someone can do if they can not obtain special mineral healing waters from exotic places? Or they do not want to buy and maintain pricey water machines? As an option, Joshua shared MJ Pangman’s (Dancing with Water) enthusiasm for Watt-Ahh and its healing potential. At 1:55 of the same video, Joshua said like other energized waters, a drop of Watt-Ahh into other drinking water will transform it to a higher energy state which makes it more affordable than other options … such as traveling the World seeking special healing waters.

In the photo above, Joshua is on the left and Robert on the right during an interview on Special Waters, dated January 23, 2023.