Food and Thought in Naples, FL — Philosophers and Watt-Ahh

February 12, 2022 — Quotes of Famous Authors, Naturalists and Philosophers Thoreau, Keller and Lindbergh grace the storefront of Food and Thought Organic General Store in Naples, FL. Their wise observations on the beauty of the soul, life is a daring adventure and sincerity in life, respectively, set a high bar for Watt-Ahh that shares the same storefront. It seems appropriate since Watt-Ahh is “Natural Energy for Smart Brains” as stated on the 16.9 oz.-sized bottles!

The storefront borders a tree-shaded area that people gather to exchange conversation while eating their lunches or take a quiet moment out of their busy lives to get chill and ponder about life themselves.

Watt-Ahh can be found in at least three stations including the food takeout area, in the main coolers next to the other groceries or upfront near the cashier stations.

On Saturday, Rob and Dana enjoyed talking with Michael who manages the large collection of supplements.  He told us that there have been some spotty product delivery delays recently but the selection overall is as good as ever. The Food and Thought team are typically on the floor and willing to help their customers find the best products for their health and well being.