For the Sake of a Child

Depositphotos_39449719_s-2015Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha is a pediatrician who has a practice in Flint, Michigan. She is the whistle-blower on the lead toxicity in Flint’s drinking water. She took the initiative to have the water tested for lead and, armed with the results, she was eventually successful in having governmental officials admit to the public water crisis.

Dr. Mona is not resting. She recognizes the long-term effects of lead toxicity in children which can cause developmental delays and learning difficulties. Dr. Mona said, “This is a community-wide trauma … we have this unique opportunity to build a new response. We don’t have to sit back and see all those kids go into special education.” Apart from the tangled mess and reaction of elected officials, Dr. Mona supports the initiative of a new team of health professionals affiliated with Michigan State University and Hurley Children’s Hospital in Flint. The Team’s mission is to create ways to mitigate developmental and behavioral challenges faced by children poisoned by lead-tainted water.

Our mission is to find channels to introduce an extraordinary modality that can help children (and adults) detoxify from heavy metals. In recent months, you might recall a five-part series presented in our e-newsletters on Rob’s prototype machines to combat deadly pneumonia through a mechanism of detoxification.  We also send emails, we call, we post on social networks, and we send out press releases. Yes, there is progress, but way too slow in our opinion. It is frustrating to hear about the pre-mature deaths of 911 first responders as well as our military veterans, the latter due in part, to the administrative failures of VA hospitals. The fortresses of corporations, universities, hospitals, and governmental agencies are strong and not inclined to consider nature-based solutions without pharmaceutical-like clinical trials.

We celebrate those with courage, conviction, and endurance like Dr. Mona and other professionals who have worked with us for years, finding the secret passages into these fortresses. Each one of you also have the heart and motivation to help others and likely know of at least another person who may help. Perhaps you have your own story to share on detoxification using either the Polarized Water or Water-based Gas. Should you have an inspiration on how we might be able to introduce the Technology to crisis areas, please let us know ( or call direct at 941-923-8972).