Genetic Expressions and Predispositions for Disease

May 5, 2023 — Genetic testing can be enlightening. We recently received a genetic report from Wisdom Panel on our cat, Tough-E, and she has a Nordic lineage on her mother’s side (her father is multi-generational American shorthair cat). I now live with two “Vikings” after Rob’s Nordic heritage was confirmed by genetic test results from 23-and-Me. My United Kingdom heritage is not ever sure what the Vikings in the family will be doing next. Like early this morning, Tough-E pounced on my feet to wake me up, gave her war cry, then she immediately bounced off the bed and dashed out of the bedroom! She can not help herself since it is in her genetic makeup.

Beyond a better understanding of our traits and sometimes “wild” behavior, 23-and-Me’s genetic database also provides predispositions on health conditions and how your DNA may effect responses to diet, exercise and sleep. Our friend, Sterling Hill, has a sophisticated app that will analyze either an individual’s 23-and-Me or Ancestry raw data results and quickly generate online a report about their genetic variants or mutations. She also will guide her clients on lifestyle habits and diet to attain the optimum genetic responses and lessen the adverse side effects of genetic mutations.

Sterling’s e-newsletters are typically on a high science level but everyone will benefit by her diet and lifestyle recommendations. Her recent focus for the e-newsletters identified below, has been on the genetic variants that can affect the function of cellular mitochondria, manifesting into organ dysfunction and the potential for chronic disease. She also has a great understanding of the bioenergetic potentials of Watt-Ahh and routinely recommends it as a lifestyle mechanism that can help alleviate the adverse expressions of certain genetic mutations. Here are a couple of recent e-newsletters that Sterling includes drinking Watt-Ahh:

SOD3 Gene

HFE Hereditary Hemochromatosis

G6PD Deficiency

Live Mitochondric … Drink Watt-Ahh!