New Type of Hydrogen Fuel – Super Green Hydrogen Made from DiTetra Gas – AHA! Climate Discovery for June of 2023

May 16, 2023 — In November of 2022, Hydrogen Central published our article on Super Green Hydrogen. DiTetra Gas that is also infused into ultra-pure water to produce Watt-Ahh, can be used to make a more energetic form of hydrogen that doubles the horsepower output of fuel cells.

Worldwide, major investment in hydrogen is occurring. For instance, the European Union formed a clean hydrogen alliance with future plans to use the existing natural gas pipeline network to distribute hydrogen across the continent. Closer to home, recently passed U.S. Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 is making a large investment in renewable energy with a goal of 40% carbon dioxide emission reduction by 2030. Further, the proposed policies of the California Air Resources Board will make California the first U.S. State to begin a ban on the sale of vehicles with combustion engines. By 2026, 35% of the vehicles sold must have “zero emissions” and by 2035, 100% of sold vehicles. Other States may follow California in this ban.

Using fossil fuels such as natural gas are the “dinosaur way” to make hydrogen. Alternatively, greener ways to make hydrogen use processes that generate high thermal heat. WIT Technology (DiTetra Gas) can produce Super Green Hydrogen with far less thermal heat (and no CO2 emissions).

Types of Hydrogen

The schematic below was adapted from this link on the three main types of hydrogen. We added a new fourth one using DiTetra Gas to create “Super Green Hydrogen”.

Gray Hydrogen (top row, left): The traditional way to produce hydrogen is from fossil fuels such as natural gas. High temperature steam is used and carbon dioxide is emitted from the smokestack as well as heat.

Blue Hydrogen (top row, middle): Blue Hydrogen also uses fossil fuels such as natural gas and high temperature steam but the carbon dioxide goes into underground storage and not released directly into the air. Thermal heat is also emitted.

Green Hydrogen (top row, right): Green Hydrogen uses water (not fossil fuel) and green power (e.g., solar) to perform electrolysis (high heat and cooling) to split the oxygen and hydrogen bonds without any carbon dioxide emission. The problem is that the high power demand for electrolysis and related heating/cooling exceed the energy potential gained from green power.

Super Green Hydrogen (bottom row): The new hydrogen type uses green power and water to create DiTetra Gas. Instead of either high temperature steam or electrolysis, the hydrogen is separated from the oxygen using a molecular sieve. This process emits lower heat, requires lower green energy (should not exceed green power capacity) and no carbon dioxide emissions.

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