Gourmet Incubator – Eddie Morton of Morton’s Gourmet Market

November 4, 2022 — Back in 2007, Co-owner of Morton’s Gourmet Market, Eddie Morton with a twinkle in his eye, told Melinda and me “yes, we will carry Watt-Ahh”. We celebrated that such a premier store is the first one to offer Watt-Ahh to its discriminating customers. His son, Todd, and others back in his office wondered about Eddie’s decision … possibly a kind favor to a fellow member of the Argus Foundation Board (me) at a time who dared with her husband, Rob, to get into a new business venture. However, Eddie has amazing instincts. It has proven to be successful so many times in bringing to Sarasota, FL. different tastes from around the World. Watt-Ahh is another Eddie success story and continues to be available on its own shelves for Morton’s customers over 15 years now.

Eddie has served as Chair for the Argus Foundation and has generously served as the purveyor and even chef for its annual Low Country crab feasts. He donated delicious food for the starving boat race fans in Downtown Sarasota when the Watt-Ahh boat was competing in the Sarasota Offshore Grand Prix.

Both Eddie and Todd also have great hiring instincts such that Morton’s has been an incubator for future business individuals. Some of their grocery baggers as first jobs went on to become Who’s Who of Sarasota, FL. including bank managers, president of a major international hotel chain, attorneys and a captain of a major airline.

Next week, the Argus Foundation will honor Eddie with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Eddie has proven that tireless work with humor and relying on one’s instincts in business along with taking time to enjoy life and family at football games, fishing expeditions and other gatherings, is the best recipe for a sweet-tasting life.