New Health Testimonial for Watt-Ahh®

I am a United States Marine Veteran and I recently started using Ultra-pure Polarized Water.  I suffer from Reactive Airway Disease from repeated tours of duty overseas and was totally desperate for something that would allow me to breathe easy.  Before trying the Ultra-Pure Polarized water, I had been prescribed four different medications for my breathing and nothing was successful.   I heard that this Polarized Water had been beneficial to others with complaints about their health, so I gave it a try.  At first I was drinking the water and then I used it in a cold humidifier during the night.   From the first night of usage, I felt the benefits.  I can now breathe easy and am able to play with my new daughter.  My wife and I were so satisfied with my results that we decided to give some to the baby when mixing her formula.  My daughter was constantly gassy, had colic, and did not have regular bowel movements.  The Ultra-Pure Polarized Water has seemed to ease all three of her issues.  She is now a happier baby, with much less pain.  I don’t know how I would have managed my health and day to day events, on top of being a new father, without my Ultra-pure Polarized water.  Thank you for all the hard work, I hope you know how much of a difference your product makes!

Eric S., Sebring, Fl.