Healthy Nerve Songs – AHA! Detoxify Discovery for March 2024

February 20, 2024 – Our nerves inside the tissue of the fascia create sound waves for communication and perhaps these acoustics is how we recall memories and emotions. An analogy is like hearing an old song that brings back a good teenage memory or conversely, a sad song that recalls a trauma in one’s life. Interestingly, our memories are not stored in the cells of our body.  The Niels Bohr Institute’s theory is when the sound pulse moves through the nerve pathway, the electrical signal is not based on an electric current but instead it results from a piezoelectric effect caused by a mechanical force of the compressing waves. Sound travels in milliseconds (or 761 mph) compared to electric current (speed of light) travels in nanoseconds (671,080,888 mph). That explains when we stub our toe or get an open cut, the brain does not immediately register pain.

We are human and all of us have experienced the emotional roller coaster of life. Our quest is to how to switch the song so we can reduce toxic stress and emotional trauma in our lives. There are “digestible” experiences that typically do not convert into a long-term trauma such as a near miss while driving a car. Then there are childhood traumas that we can carry throughout our lives such as an emotionally remote parent, loss of a parent or even schoolyard bullying. Trauma can become “stuck” energies in our bodies and toxic stresses can trigger unwanted symptoms of pain, digestive disorders and onset of diseases.

We are unable to control our emotions and of course, there are good ones to allow us to engage with and love our family members and friends. But how can we detox negative emotions to provide more mental balance in our busy lives? And how to find the best solutions?

We choose solutions each day but there may be unanticipated consequences. We seek soothing … yes, we are hard wired to crave soothing from the time we were infants when getting nourishment and attention from our parents. Eating is one soothing solution but can get out of control like anything that is soothing (e.g., alcohol and gambling). It is a solution chosen by those who overeat but the complexity of the underlying emotions becomes obvious when someone goes on a diet and their anxiety and pain intensify.

So, how does one find the right solutions to get us into our natural wellbeing? Each pathway is unique with the common ground of trying to reduce toxic stress. I am certainly not an expert on avoiding stress, even forgetting passwords trigger my anxiety. But I do think for me enjoying time with my husband, Rob, walking our cat outside, playing cardio tennis, listening to our customers’ “miracle” stories, touring the neighborhood in our UTV, listening to my favorite shows, sneaking in some salty snacks, getting restful sleep and of course, drinking Watt-Ahh, seem to reboot me each day. I hope you find this article meaningful and gives you some “sound-wave thoughts” to discover good solutions that balance in your own life.

My inspiration for this article comes from Dr. Wendy Myers and her recent great docuseries’ episode no. 5, entitled “Weight of Worry”, dated February 20, 2024.      

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