Free Major Health Coaching Event: Winning the Battle Against Inescapable Toxins Causing Our Health Epidemics – AHA! Detoxify Discovery for February 2024

February 4, 2024 – Watt-Ahh is a sponsor of an once-in-a-lifetime event with 107 Top Wellness Experts on battling the hidden toxin epidemic. And it is free by registering at  this link.  Dr. Wendy Myers, owner of Myers Detox and world-renown heavy metal specialist, is the lead wellness celebrity. She says once-a-year juice cleanse will not defend against our exposure to 100,000 toxins. We must instead rely on a higher level of natural defense coupled with benign technology to battle the effects of toxin exposure on a daily basis. Chronic diseases of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, dementia and other devastating diseases can be preventable according to Wendy.

There are seven episodes with the kickoff of the first one on reducing the toxin load to unleash weight loss.  The rest of the episodes over the following days include how to detox to 1) reduce diabetes, 2) energize mitochondria, 3) restore hormonal balance, 4) reduce stress and trauma for weight loss, 5) avoid aging beauty products, and 6) reduce brain fog, dementia and early cognitive decline. All of these episodes cover the top detox concerns and give sage advice for each of us to awaken our path for better wellness.

Wendy calls her 107 Wellness Experts as “Heavies” throughout this free docuseries and AquaNew/Watt-Ahh’s Rob Gourley is one of them. Don’t wait to register since the free docuseries starts Tuesday, February 13, 2024.

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