Holiday Dashing to the Store is Back!

🙂 Dashing to the Store … in a Open Cart Sleigh … Jingle Bells! Jingle Bells! Watt-Ahh is on its Way! 🙂

November 13, 2021 – The 2021 holidays is upon us and It has been one year that Food and Thought of Naples, FL. has carried Watt-Ahh polarized bottled water. Edwin tells us that their customers get concerned when the Watt-Ahh cupboards are looking bare and it is not unusual that they buy multiple cases at a time. He  arranges for Geraldo to dash up in their “Sprinter Sleigh” to the AquaNew Fulfillment Center located in Sarasota, FL. (about a 200-mile round trip) to replenish the supply of Watt-Ahh at the store. It is always a treat to welcome Gerald who brings delicious lunches made at Food and Thought, all organic food including baked goods such as freshly-made maple cookies for the AquaNew crew on the most-recent run yesterday. Counting the full load yesterday, Food and Thought has sold 1,144 cases of Watt-Ahh over the past year (approximately 95 cases/month).

We extend our appreciation to Edwin, Mike, Geraldo and Food and Thought store owner, Alfie Oakes. Also, powerhouse customers, Ursala, Carmen, Phillip, Patricia, Katie, Bruce, Tina, Augie and others, who have spread the word about Watt-Ahh within their hometown of Naples, FL.

But Hold on Santa!

We need to recognize the rest of the top 5 stores that have stock their cupboards of Watt-Ahh and their healthy sales rate over the past year:

  1. Special Nutrition and Bulk-N-Natural (two stores with same ownership) of Sarasota, FL: coming in with 549 cases of Watt-Ahh
  2. Rebecca’s Natural Food of Charlottesville, FL: 288 cases
  3. Gabriel Center of Sarasota, FL: 269 cases
  4. Super Value Nutrition of Sarasota, FL: 230 cases

A couple of health clinics that sell supplements along with Watt-Ahh to their patients, is Dr. Walter (Buck) Campbell, DOAM of Physicians of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Lauderhill, FL. and Dr. Michael Lange, Optometric Physician of The Lange Eye Institute in The Villages, FL./Lange Nutrition (Ocala, FL) and Fortifeye Nutrition (Clearwater, FL)  also deserve honorable mentions with 427 and 249 cases, respectively.

So dash on down to your favorite store to get your own holiday cupboard full of Watt-Ahh!