Individualized Genetic Panels and Safer Treatment of COVID-19 Infection

We realize this is a touchy subject. First, AquaNew must reiterate that we are not making any claims on curing any disease and we advise everyone to seek advice from their healthcare practitioner.

Here goes what we think is an important dialog: The broad-brush explanation that “underlying disease” due to lifestyle choices is the cause of a higher mortality rate from COVID-19 among those of African descent is either misleading or worse. Prior to seeking any treatment, you need to ask your doctor to be aware of possible enzymatic deficiencies that are prevalent of those from African, Asian, Italian, Mediterranean or Israeli descent. Without this genetic/DNA information, the selected protocol for COVID-19  (e.g., ventilation) may not be the safest option. This topic was recently discussed on “My Black Health … Moving Mountains: The Saving Ourselves” podcast. Co-hosts Sheila Lewis Ealey and Sumayyah Simone interviewed Genetic Researcher Sterling Hill on the G6PD deficiency (enzyme defect that hinders metabolism of sugars and carbohydrates and causes a premature breakdown in red blood cells needed to carry oxygen from the lungs to tissues in the body). G6PD is the most common genetic defect with a higher incidence of occurring in males and is estimated to effect over 400 million people worldwide.

In this video, Watt-Ahh bottled water is discussed for almost 20 minutes (between minute 34 and 50) and some of the topics they cover include:

  • Problems with ventilation treatment (watch between minute 12:45 and 15 when Sterling discusses how to avoid the ventilator by using the WIT Technology (Watt-Ahh) to hydrate cells, remove free radicals, transport zinc and correct the “spin” on Vitamin C)
  • Comparing hyperbaric treatment to drinking Watt-Ahh
  • Detox testimonials by drinking Watt-Ahh
  • Discussion on nitric oxide, iron and zinc deficiencies and a university-conducted vitamin/iron absorption study on Watt-Ahh
  • Importance of electrical charge balance in cells and discussion of the Fourth and Fifth State of Water
  • Sterling’s explanation about drinking Watt-Ahh that can reverse polarity with correct electron spin to offset the imbalance effects of microwave radiation exposure (and boost immunity against viral infections)
  • Discussion on grounding and how outdoor dog and cat pets can carry electrons on their paws (and they share these electrons by walking over you in bed)

Sterling said drinking as little as one capful of Watt-Ahh in the morning will help lift ATP (energy) production needed to sustain good immunity health. Co-host Sumayyah said she is going to step on grass, get out into the sunshine and get some water to drink (Sumaryyah, great idea and we also recommend doing same with your pets).

Thank you, Sterling, Sheila and Sumayyah for bravely discussing this touchy subject on possible misdiagnoses of those from different descents and the life-saving need for customized treatments based on one’s own unique genetic profile.