Is Immunity the Next Keto? – AHA! Mitochondric Life Discovery for June of 2020

Business consultants are advising manufacturers on product changes in the age of COVID. Many think the newest trend is customers will be looking for products that boost their family’s immune strength. We are not surprised with this revelation after talking with numerous individuals seeking immune health during the COVID time.  Products are rushing onto the marketplace, including label changes on existing products, that pitch immune health … some are already available both on shelves and online. The same business advisors are cautioning manufacturers to remain authentic to their products’ potential and not get onto this immunity-trend wave without reliable and replicable evidence.

The Polarized Water Watt-Ahh has reliable and replicable evidence performed by at least one university on uptake and transport of Vitamin C and iron. The Polarized Water when consumed with eating nutritious foods will aid in cellular uptake of both Vitamin C and iron without side effects. This is important for many who have a common genetic deficiency in absorbing ascorbic acid (a form of Vitamin C) dosages and they can only tolerate intake of Vitamin C from the foods that they eat. Iron supplements prescribed for anemic patients are well known to cause gastrointestinal issues.

We also hold a utility patent on stabilization of compounds within the structure of the Polarized Water. Many of our customers boosted their immune system and recovered from various COVID-related symptoms by either drinking or nebulizing with the Polarized Water when combined with known anti-inflammatory compounds … their own combinations that may include colloidal silver, zinc, cistus, Vitamin C, fennel, stinging nettle or dandelion. Health advisors Sterling Hill and Wendy Myers discuss the efficacy of such treatments using the Polarized Water as the main ingredient on this recent podcast (go to minute 10:30). Later in this same podcast, Sterling and Wendy talk about the benefits of Watt-Ahh (between minutes 38 and 42) including 1) flooding your body with oxygen, 2) hydrating all cells to generate reactive oxygen species and 3) providing the proper polarity of electrons on the oxygen. Sterling states earlier in the podcast (around minute 22) that the tissue of patients with COVID had electrons that were reversed on oxygen molecules. Wendy states that drinking Watt-Ahh could be life saving.

As discussed in the first chapter of this Mitochrondric Life Series, the “DiTetra” structural arrangement of the Polarized Water (2 oxygen and 4 hydrogen with electrons) is the same arrangement needed for the mitochondria to convert to ATP energy. This energy is essential for all of our bodily functions including support for immunity.

We are confident that the newest immunity trend is our product-specialty channel. Many years of experimentation in bioenergy that fuels our immune system and hundreds of testimonials qualify Watt-Ahh as one of the promising lights at the end-of-the-COVID tunnel.

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Health practitioner Lesley W. let us know about one of her favorite mitochondria-related sources: “Mitochondria and the Future of Medicine: The Key to Understanding Disease, Chronic Illness, Aging, and Life Itself”, Author: Lee Know, Naturopathic doctor, a review is posted on NIH National Institutes of Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

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