Interview of Researcher and National Speaker Sterling Hill by Marf, Founder and Host of Marfoogle News and TV on August 17, 2019

Sterling Hill is a well-known expert in epigenetic expressions that are non-genetic influences that prevent certain genes from being expressed. She has created genetic apps (over 2,000 genes) used by health practitioners to pinpoint pathways from either diet, environmental toxins (e.g., glyphosate exposure) or EMF-emission factors (e.g., 5G) that have compromised DNA. Sterling is an autism advocate, national speaker, and trainer who teaches health practitioners on how to manipulate compromised genetics with nutrition and supplementation.

Marfoogle TV’s Marf who said on the air that his family also deals with autism, was fascinated that Sterling outreached to him to request a spot on his show. After the brief interview, Marf enthusiastically invited Sterling back for a longer, more in-depth interview, preferably in the studio together since there are some choppy spots during the call-in interview.

During the interview (at or around 1:04), Sterling talks about the importance of negative ion charges to offset epigenetic expressions. She tells the audience (over 32,000 views) about Engineer Rob Gourley’s discovery of the Fifth Phase of Water with negative ion charges and is placed into drinking water. Sterling shared with the audience information on Watt-Ahh, and how drinking it will help recharge the body (balancing positive and negative charges) which is essential for genetic recovery impacted by environmental toxins. While Sterling was talking, Marf posted on the YouTube screen, the AquaNew/Watt-Ahh website (screen shot above).

Thank you, Sterling and Marf, for introducing Watt-Ahh. We know a more in-depth interview in the future will be a great gift of information for your followers who are seeking better health for both themselves and their loved ones.