Skipping Stones Throughout the Body – Kidney Stones and More

Calcium oxalate crystals not only form kidney stones but can also accumulate in other parts of the body. Oxalates are present in both vegetables and fruits and also byproducts of molds in our body (e.g., Candida). Besides kidney stones, high oxalates can cause more health issues within other organs of the body causing heart abnormalities, eye (cataracts) problems, pulmonary airflow restrictions, muscle pains, skin ulcers, anemia, and more.

It appears our analogy of skipping stones across water can be applied to drinking Watt-Ahh Polarized Water that can help in both dissolving calcium oxalate crystal and eliminating from the body, typically without the intense pain of passing a kidney stone. The Polarized Water also may help in dissolving oxalates that have “skipped” to other parts of the body as well. A light misting of Watt-Ahh in the eyes can alleviate symptoms of dry eye, hydrate lens and possibly reduce oxalate accumulation in cataracts.

Kidney Stones

On occasion, we have had new customers who start drinking the Watt-Ahh Polarized Water, pass a kidney stone. We recommend drinking more Water to continue the dissolution of the kidney stone such that passing in the urine may be less painful.


According to The Great Plains Laboratory, Inc., high levels of oxalic, glyceric and glycolic acid (oxalate metabolites) in urine samples may be found in autism. In our pilot study conducted in the Summer of 2010, 6 out of 8 children on the autism spectrum showed general improvement in oxalate metabolites tested in their urine samples after only four weeks of daily consumption of the Polarized Water.

Health Revival

Genetic researcher and national speaker, Sterling Hill, recently shared her observations and recommendations on the use of the Polarized Water in reducing calcium oxalate crystal accumulation within the body.

  • Testimonial: Sterling told us about a 32-year old male with severe autism. After his intake of one liter bottle of Watt-Ahh per day, he is talking in sentences and prepares his own food.
  • Colleague Introduction: Sterling shared AquaNew’s pilot study on autism and results on calcium oxalate crystal with a researcher who worked for the CDC and NIH and studied persons suffering from hyperoxaluria (high levels of oxalate) including those with chronic kidney stones and children with autism. Sterling states … “When I shared it with her group they had no idea that this water was out there and were surprised to see that Watt-ahh reduced calcium oxalate crystal. Round-up and fluoroquinolones (cipro/levequin) wipe out a beneficial gut bacteria called oxalobacter formigenes that are needed along with decarboxylase CoA and B6 activity to remove calcium oxalate crystal from the body”.
  • Additional Observations: Sterling indicates that the majority of blood flow blockage relates to calcium oxalate crystal as well as pulmonary obstructions. The centers of tumors as well as goiters on thyroids have calcium oxalate crystal deposits. Most epileptics suffer from hyperoxaluria as well.
  • Epigenetic Expressions: Sterling is an expert in “epigenetic expressions” including environmental toxin exposures that prevent expression of genes. Sterling states … “My suspicion leads me back to Roundup, fluoroquinolones (antibiotics) and microwave radiation being the top causes of depletion of negative ion charge in most persons today. The majority of people with Crohn’s, UC (ulcerative colitis) and IBD (inflammatory bowel disorder) have the inability to remove calcium oxalate crystal. Calcium oxalate crystal kill the shikimate pathway of beneficial gut bacteria. Round-up shunts into calcium oxalate crystal.”

Note: read more about how toxins can ground the electrical conductance of cells.

  • AGXT Mutations: Sterling states … “One of the genes on my variant report I look at is AGXT. Everyone with AGXT mutations should be on your Watt-ahh”.