How to Live a Longer and Healthier Life: Mitochondric Life — AHA! Long-Jet Discovery for September of 2019

Mitochondric Living is the best way to understand the essential electrical conductance that Watt-Ahh delivers to your body. AquaNew’s Rob Gourley discovered how to add electrons to structured water. Rob states … “The body needs energy to heal. Regular water does not have the electrical charge to cross the cellular membrane. Watt-Ahh does have the electrical charge for both cell-to-cell and cell-to-brain communication and connection, to allow effective cellular hydration and detoxification … plus Watt-Ahh has donor electrons to support the mitochondria in generating energy. Watt-Ahh with its electrical charge and structure, carries nutrients across the cellular membrane that are essential for mitochondric functions in giving our bodies peak performance and defense against disease and premature aging”.

Rob Gourley’s AHA! in the electrical conductance of structured water over a decade ago is now being recognized by researchers. Cellular membranes must hold an electrical charge to move  nutrients inside cells and support mitochondric functions. A well-known nutraceutical on the market is CoQ10. Manufacturers report CoQ10 improves heart health and blood sugar regulation, and reduces fatigue and the frequency of migraines. One manufacturer is now offering on the market, a re-engineered version of CoQ10  with a smaller structure and an added charge to move across the cellular membrane and target the mitochondria. It is easier to target your mitochondria by drinking Watt-Ahh with your nutrients including regular forms of CoQ10.

Studies on Vitamin Absorption

University studies show Watt-Ahh with its electrical potential, powerfully transports vitamin C and iron across intestinal tissue faster and at high volumes. The University of Florida (UF) study performed in 2011 can be found at this link (go to page 4, date of 5/3/11). This study used TEER (measurement of transepithal electrical resistance) which is considered less invasive to cells as compared to using dyes, and is considered by researchers to be a very sensitive and reliable method of tracking the movement of radiolabeled markers. One of the conclusions and discussions in the UF report reads … “Overall, these experiments have shown that cells exposed to the Watt-Ahh® product transport more vitamin C and iron as compared to cells exposed to Gainesville (FL.) Tap water”. One of the UF experiments as part of this study was to measure electrical resistance and vitamin uptake of Gainesville Tap water after Rob bubbled SG Gas (a.k.a., DiTetra Gas) into the water. What fascinated the UF researchers is the vitamin transport capacity of the treated Gainesville Tap water also increased.

Greater vitamin absorption is significant since iron is not readily bioavailable and consequently, can even cause gastric disruption. Alternatively, drinking Watt-Ahh with iron-rich food (e.g., spinach) or taking an iron supplement can increase the uptake of iron for easier and efficient absorption into cells. Rob’s explanation on the mechanism for this significant vitamin absorption increase is again the electrical conductance properties of Watt-Ahh that is not found in other water.

Maintaining Electrical Charge is Key to Longevity and Health

Everyone experiences the daily need for an electrical charge … every time our smartphones stop working or when our hybrid energy cars demand a recharging. Our cells, mitochondria and even DNA must hold a charge for optimum function and health. Watt-Ahh with its own intrinsic electrical charge structure can powerfully support our bodies to achieve what we call a Mitochondric Life.

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