Joy Spark – Bubble Lady of South Orange Avenue

Suzanne B. of Sarasota, FL reminds us of the days when folks sat on their front porch and waved to their neighbors. She has her own unique way of greeting her neighbors. She does so by running a bubble machine at the end of her driveway along South Orange Avenue, located south of downtown Sarasota. Even early-morning joggers will inquire if she has not yet turned on the machine for the day. One driver wrote to Suzanne, “I enter into a small fairyland of floating orbs that have been placed there just because they are lovely and fun. Whoosh, the bubbles spin and whirl, and they seem to dance with my passage.”

Suzanne, who enjoys wearing both vintage dresses and jazzy sun hats, has many talents beyond giving orbital waves to those who pass her home.  She also is a published author, quilts using 1930s designs and bakes cookies … the smell of freshly baked cookies can be as enticing as the bubbles. Unfortunately, her childhood was not joyful, and she deals with daily pain. One of Suzanne’s friends described her as having the energy of a child.

AquaNew’s Rob Gourley, who is also a bubble master himself, knows about the potential of bubbles that deliver the electron energy of Watt-Ahh®.

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