Made on the Gulf Coast

danarob-srqmagazine117SRQ Magazine featured Watt-Ahh® as one of the Top Ten Hottest Products made on the Florida Gulf Coast. SRQ states: “Forget your Dasani. Sarasota-based WIT International has built a better beverage with the release of Watt-Ahh, polarized water finding wide use in the consumer and therapeutic marketplace.”

The SRQ Magazine photo was taken in the workshop where it all started. The photographer, Wyatt Kostygan, requested that Dana Gourley sit atop one of the WIT Machines while Rob Gourley stood next to one of his prototype machines. Instead of an office environment, Wayne liked Rob’s “jumbled” workshop as the backdrop for his photography … it must be a man thing.

The Gulf Coast is home to other great manufacturers that also are featured in the same article, including Tervis (insulated drink tumblers), Hoveround (power wheelchairs with sweeping movement), PGT (windows employing 2,700 people), Baby Quasar (blue light therapy), Air Products (mammoth-sized Liquefied Natural Gas heat exchangers), Sun Hydraulics (hydraulic parts made by 620 employees), and Intertape Polymer Group (diverse packing tape types including acrylic, hot melt, water-activated and geo-membrane). Along with Watt-Ahh® in keeping it local for your lunchbox, there are multiple types of stand-up and zipper food pouches (PPi Technologies Group) and kombucha made from home brewed recipes (221BC Kombucha).

The article recognizes Watt-Ahh® as being more than inside the lunch box. It mentions that the polarized water is also used as a raw product in deodorants and medical products, for growing better medical marijuana and giving a purer jolt to energy drinks. Dana is quoted in the article saying: “We are just working with a number of great companies to bring this great technology forward with their products.”

In the above photo: Rob and Dana Gourley of WIT International and AquaNew; Photo by SRQ Magazine, January 2017