January – First Responder Appreciation

Veteran, Military, House.

January is First Responder Appreciation Month. The most poignant real-life stories involve our first responders, whether these individuals are serving in the military to protect our homeland, or rescuing a family from a house fire. We all fall down when one of these brave individuals is either wounded or killed in the line of duty … sometimes by merciless actions by others.

Be the Ahh Heroes! (Stories of Selflessness, Triumph and Hope)

In the coming weeks we will be unveiling a new encouragement for their family members, friends and colleagues to share a story of their first responder hero with our caring customers. We cannot anticipate the breadth of these stories, but we know one thing for certain … it will give the full range of emotions for all of us and strengthen our mutual resolve to support these selfless individuals and their loving families.