Most-Loved Watt-Ahh Fan

March 3, 2023 – Let me brag about my mother, Ann Cassidy. Sadly, Ann passed last Sunday. She was a passionate, energetic, one-of-a-kind individual who was a beauty queen, sorority president, teacher, artist, jewelry maker, gemologist and animal lover. At almost 94 years young, she and her beloved husband, John, made jewelry to the delight of so many. Her three children were each inspired by her integrity, devotion to God, Country and family, and kindness toward others. Ann gave unwavering support and encouragement for her children in whatever we tried, sometimes with mixed success, in our own lives. She would tell others that we were “pretty good kids”.

Ann is the original fan of Watt-Ahh. In some ways without her (and the rest of the family’s) support, it may not have existed and certainly we would not have started over 16 years ago the monthly “Southern Run” deliveries to Ft. Myers, Fl. where Ann and John live. Ann believed in the “charm” of Watt-Ahh. She repeatedly told her friends about her son-in-law’s discovery on making the unique water and how Watt-Ahh had given longevity for both John and her.

Mom — So this “pretty good kid” will always appreciate the life lessons and support you gave us and tenacity to go beyond expectations. Your creative spirit will certainly be replenished in the heavenly world with astounding beauty and miracles.