Efficient Capture of Solar Radiant Energy – AHA! Climate Discovery for March 2023

March 14, 2023 — Our October 2017 AHA! Discovery spotlighted a woman who broke the glass ceiling in astronomy during the 1920’s. Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin was the first person to theorize that hydrogen is abundant on the sun and is the electromagnetic (radiant) energy fuel essential for keeping life warm on Earth. Cecilia must have been a patient woman. Almost 50 years after another astronomer dismissed her thesis, she finally received a prestigious lifetime-of-excellence award in astronomical research for being right.

Capturing the radiant potential of the Sun (or physical energy from electromagnetic radiation generated by hydrogen of the Sun) could be an outstanding source of super-clean energy if the environmental impacts from disposal of solar batteries, with limited storage usage, could be avoided. Also, capturing solar energy is an efficiency challenge for us humans. Less than 20% of the sun’s radiant potential is captured and upon conversion from solar DC power to AC power for household electric use in the United States, another 15% plus power loss occurs. Additionally, batteries can have another 40% loss due to power charge leakage.

Our discovery is that solar radiant energy captured by a simple solar panel can run a WIT Machine such that liquid water is converted into DiTetra Gas, the same active-energy gas infused to make Watt-Ahh. The generated DiTetra Gas can be stored in tanks under pressure, eliminating the need for both storage batteries and inefficient conversion from DC to AC power. Instead, the stored DiTetra Gas can power a steam engine (turbine or piston) even during nighttime, to generate AC power with more economical and reliable energy for both homes and businesses.

We respect Cecilia’s persistence and patience but we hope this WIT Technology discovery does not take another 50 years to become a mainstream energy source.

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