Pounce de Leon – Our New AquaNew Kitten

February 4, 2023 — Several years ago, a customer cleverly wrote us that the Spanish Explorer, Ponce de Leon, should have docked his ship at the Watt-Ahh fulfillment center to enable him to find the Fountain of Youth. Recently, Rob and I adopted a kitten from a local shelter and she have enliven our home after losing Dewey before the holidays. On her first night with us, the kitten pounced on both of us in bed … a tiny black ball of fur with large green eyes and weighing less than 3 pounds showing great joy and toughness and incredibly a strong pounce! Her “AquaNew” name is Pounce de Leon with unlimited energy and youthfulness while her official name is Tough-E (or Tough Enough). Tough-E’s favorite act occurs during our lunch breaks when she runs and pounces on anything that moves in the house or out on the liani. Watching her antics make our own rib cages move with non-stop laughter. Hmmm, we wonder if the Watt-Ahh we give her explains her extra brightness, happiness and bounciness!