Naturally Looking Good – Facial Saunas

Dr. Walter Campbell shared with us this photo of one of his patients who is enjoying a facial sauna using Watt-Ahh while also breathing from the WIT Machine through a nasal cannula.

We purchased a facial sauna and using it every evening. Some of our friends and family have done the same so we have formed a sauna support group! If you get one, make sure to occasionally and slowly open and close your eyes to have the cornea absorb the Dioxytetrahydride Gas in Watt-Ahh steam.

After about a week’s use of the facial sauna, we noticed our skin feels smoother. We also recently heard from one of our friends that he knows about a beautiful teenage gal who fights acne breakouts. After four evenings of using Watt-Ahh in her sauna, her father noticed that her face is healing and looking even more beautiful … a single bottle of Watt-Ahh, that will last for several weeks of refills into the facial sauna, is significantly lower in cost compared to expensive anti-acne products.

We may sound like Oprah, but another one of our “Nat LoGo” (Naturally Looking Good) favorites is the spray mister available at Sally’s Beauty. Lightly misting both skin and eyes is very refreshing and also supports healing. READ MORE