Naturally Looking Good – How to Wear a Little Black Dress in the Florida Summer

Wearing black can be both elegant and slimming. White salt rings that can form near the arm pits, however, is a glamour no-no.

A very observant Florida customer with a high science knowledge, gave us the most recent “Naturally Looking Good” beauty tip to share with our other customers. He called Rob Gourley and they had a scientific discussion about sweat and why he does not see a salt crust left on his clothes after sweating. He attributed it to drinking Watt-Ahh. He was pleased since he consumes special salt that he wants absorbed into his body and not carried out with the perspiration from his arm pits. Rob’s explanation is that the Polarized Water will strip the sodium molecule and allow better bioavailability for the body to intake the salt … resulting in less salt in solution associated with the sweat water. Rob made the analogy of how the Dioxytetrahydride Gas (also in Watt-Ahh) when infused into salt water, will cause the sodium chloride to come out of solution and thereby reducing the pressure and energy needs for the reverse osmosis membranes used to convert to freshwater  (yes, it was a scientific discussion).

Healthy Salt Balance

It should be recognized that aluminum used in certain deodorant products also will leave a white mark on clothes. However, sodium salt left on workout clothes is a signal of losing a fair amount of salt due to sweating. A salt imbalance during exercise can cause cramping, nausea and confusion. Sports drinks filled with sodium may offset the salt loss but the electrolytes contained in these beverages are really intended to slow digestion during exercise and reduce kidney function in producing urine. Watt-Ahh is a different kind of performance energy drink and may actually reduce salt loss during sweating.

Dewey, our AquaNew Cat, modeling her little black coat during a hot, humid Florida summer day.