IV Hydration Salons — OR Single-Cell Hydration is Safer for Your Body

IV hydration salons are becoming more common. They offer intravenous (iv) infusions that may or may include a cocktail of nutrients, sugars and salts added to the water. Their clients, including professional athletes, may enjoy a boost in energy but is it worth the risk of kidney injury?

We recognize that an emergency IV infusion is life saving when someone passes out from dehydration. However, the intrusion can be brutal on the health of the body. The intravenous fluid goes into the veins (vascular region) and most will go thru the kidneys and released as urine from the body (i.e., limited cellular hydration). The kidneys are highly vascular and being an “encapsulated organ” are susceptible to both inadequate and extreme blood flow which either condition may induce kidney injury. In researching the topic online, it appears there are other low-risk symptoms associated with iv treatments including bruising or bleeding if the needle misses the vein, blood clots and infection.

IV hydration is not the same as single-cell hydration that occurs while drinking Watt-Ahh. The Polarized Water offers an electrical charge to allow passage through the cellular membrane. Cell-to-cell and cell-to-brain hydration are healthier for our bodies compared to infusion of fluids through an intravenous needle.

We recommend drinking Watt-Ahh before any exercise or going outdoors in the summer heat and certainly afterwards for full recovery. We also recommend keeping Watt-Ahh as part of your first aid kit too.

As a reminder, some of the signs of dehydration include cold or dry skin, dry cracked lips, fast breathing or heart rate, feeling of fainting or weakness, little or no urine or dark-colored urine, and for infants and children, extreme fussiness and no tears when crying.