New Testimonial for Watt-Ahh®

I fill the bowl and there are three or four (depending on how many dogs I have)
dog snouts in the bowl and they keep at it until it’s all gone.  Three big dogs
drink between a gallon and a gallon and a half of water a day, so I can’t really
afford to give them this water every day.  I do put it in the bowl and use it
after a foster has had their neuter/spa operation, because they’re taking
antibiotics, and I want to make sure they get absorbed. 
I started doing
that when I saw how much faster my vitamin powder dissolved in Watt-AhhTM as opposed
to water.  It dissolves with very little stirring and doesn’t clump up, so I
figured it would to the same in the dogs to help get the antibiotic into the
blood stream.
I also use it as
a disinfectant, and give it to my vet and ask them to use this water instead of
saline to flush the wound before and after stitches, and I’ve had no infections,
even in the minor wounds that I don’t take them to the vet for.  I just keep it
flushed with water once or twice a day, and it seems to work.
Diana of Sarasota, Fl. –  (an adoptive Mom for retired racing Greyhounds)