No Wheelchair in Sight

by AquaNew on March 2, 2018

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Max, one of Dr. Campbell’s patients suffers from heavy metal poisoning that occurred three years prior to his first visit to Dr. Campbell’s clinic in Hollywood, FL.. Dr. Campbell told us that prior treatments at other clinics included enzymes, antioxidants and fish oil. After applying several treatments along with one session of breathing Dioxytetrahydride Gas from a WIT Machine via a nasal cannula for approximately 2.5 hours, his patient was able to stand up from his wheelchair and walk about 20 feet. Dr. Campbell stated… “Max P. had no ability to move anything below the waistline. Barely his arms even. He has acute liver toxicity for 3 years and hasn’t walked on his own in over 8 months. An hour later, patient and staff are in tears…” Dr. Campbell believes the Gas contributed to his patient’s energy level to allow him to stand up from his wheelchair and walk approximately 20 feet. View Dr. Campbell’s video.

Max returned with his mother for a second appointment. Dr. Campbell met him at the car and both walked across the parking lot together into the clinic. Max used a cane but Dr. Campbell wrote about this second video, that there was no wheelchair in sight.

Thank you Max and Dr. Campbell for sharing this promising story with othersThere were over 1,200 views of the first video when posted on AquaNew’s Facebook Page in mid-February 2018. Max, we wish you the best in your continued recovery.  Dana and Rob of AquaNew

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